Monday Morning Coffee

July 13, 2020

The latest Woj Bomb was one I don’t think any of us saw coming. He told Missouri GOP Senator Josh Hawley to F-off after he called out the league for their soft stance on China. This is hilarious because it’s the most fake suspension and slap on the wrist I’ve ever seen. It’s also easy to suspend him when there’s no NBA news to report. ESPN might as well be CNN or MSNBC these days, which is why I can’t wait for sports to come back. I don’t blame Woj for doing what he did because he bought himself a lot of equity with all his NBA sources, and the entire league. He knows where his bread is buttered, and he doubled down on it. That’s smart. However, don’t try to tell me the guy is objective, or that there’s any objectivity left in reporting. An actual reporter would see an email from a Senator calling the NBA out for their political position and report on it, not react to it. If there’s anything we learned from 2020, it’s confirmation that no news is without its spin. Like I told you a year ago, Woj hates the Lakers. This indirectly confirms it.

Meanwhile, the the NBA bubble in Orlando is underway, and it only took two practices for Rajon Rondo to fracture his hand. All that lifting he did during quarantine couldn’t even help his hands, which must be made of glass give all the injuries he’s suffered. This will give some more minutes to JR Smith and Dion Waiters. Speaking of JR Smith, he’s giving us some nice Instagram footage. So far, this guy looks like he’s a lot of fun and was born to be a Laker. As long as he’s not slamming shots of Hennessy before games, and forgetting how much time is on the clock in the final minutes of the game, this could work out well.

As for the rest of the league that got to Orlando and quarantined for a few days before practicing, lots of people started posted pictures of their food. This included Troy Daniels, who’s first meal looked like it was prepared by the same cooks at Fyre Fest. What’s hilarious though is that the dude didn’t even show the Italian Grilled Chicken, White Fish, Parmesean Polenta, and the Pasta with Bolognese. Let’s not feel sorry for the dude. However, I’m pretty sure Lebron and AD are going to be staying in some grand suite and eating filet and lobster every night. The initial pictures and videos of life inside the bubble is interesting though, especially when these opposing teams have to constantly interact with one another. I can’t wait for Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverly to start fighting over the last bag of hot Cheetos in the vending machine down the hall at night.

We’re getting closer to Major League Baseball, and Mookie Betts is going to play for the Dodgers. Well, at least for 60 games. This guy has no choice but to play if he wants to become a free agent after the season. Then again, the more and more you hear owners whining and complaining about how much money they are losing, the more I’m having a hard time seeing someone pay him the monster deal he’s looking for. In some ways, he’s getting screwed and you have to feel at least a little bad for him. However, that bodes well for the Dodgers to retain him, because a 2-3 year deal with big money is an Andrew Friedman special. Friedman will be looking at Mookie the way you look at Taco Bell at 2 am after 6 or 7 drinks.

On the other hand though, Dodger and Angel players have been disappearing from workouts like Natalee Holloway. Both Joe Maddon and Dave Roberts refuse to disclose the reasons why. Andrew Friedman is clearly not as good of a liar, explaining that many of the absences they can’t explain due to HIPAA laws. At one point, the Dodgers were missing Gavin Lux (who is back now), Kenley Jansen, A.J. Pollock, Pedro Baez, Scott Alexander, and Keibert Ruiz. Of that group, obviously Jansen is the most critical, and we learned late yesterday that he and his son test positive for COVID. The Angels are missing 10 players of their own including
Patrick Sandoval, Jose Suarez, Jared Walsh, Julio Teheran. One can only believe that it’s COVID that has taken the players out for the time being. If it’s not an Angel pitcher needing their arm replaced, it’s COVID that takes them down. That pitching staff just can’t catch a break, and I’m skeptical it will be easier for them in this shortened season.

Finally, the NFL and College Football just don’t seem to understand this whole Coronavirus issue. The NFL just announced that jersey swaps will no longer be allowed between players after the game. That’s great thinking Roger Goodell, I’m sure that will stop the deadly virus in it’s tracks. What’s next? He’s going to make sure there is hand sanitizer and wipes in every huddle? If they are going to play football, it needs to be in a bubble to have the best chance to work, and without fans. As for colleges, the Big 10 and the Pac-12 just cancelled their non-conference schedules. Good job guys, I’m sure those non-conference games against those crummy division I AA teams are far more contagious than those conference games. Give me break. Either these kids are going to school in person and playing sports, or they aren’t doing either. I’m not like the chances of seeing football anytime in 2020, simply because of the stupidity of the leadership. Don’t worry though, the whole country could turn into flesh eating Zombies and the SEC will still play football.

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