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Monday Morning Coffee

September 24, 2018

The Rams continued their assault on the entire NFL yesterday, this time taking down the Chargers in the so-called “Battle For LA”.  Jared Goff looked amazing, but he also could have gone out for Sunday brunch, come back and still thrown touchdown passes.  So much for the idea that Goff is the Rams’ weakest link.  The only bad news for the team is that both starting cornerbacks, Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib might be seriously injured.  That would be a major blow to a defense that was playing excellent Peters went down yesterday.  At this point it feels like only injuries can stop this freight train.  As for the Chargers, it was actually surprising that they had fans show up yesterday.  However, only a team owned by Dean Spanos could manage to move to Los Angeles, and have its valuation nearly unchanged from last year.  The Bolts have talent, but the move to LA has been nothing but an embarrassment for the franchise and the league.

Elsewhere around the NFL, the Browns finally won a game and Baker Mayfield should have his statue done by week 5.  Scientists are still trying to come up with a mathematical explanation for how  Cleveland actually won a game.  The Chiefs crushed the 49ers and Pat Mahomes is so good, it’s like he’s playing Madden on rookie mode and destroying everybody.  The Bills shocked the world by crushing the Vikings, and Vontae Davis was ready to un-retire at halftime.  The Packers lost to the Redskins, and Clay Matthews would probably get called for a penalty just for walking onto the field during pregame warmups.  The Raiders are still winless in the 2nd coming of the Jon Gruden era, and Johnny boy is still trying to figure out why his team can’t get any pressure on opposing QB’s.

In College Football, USC escaped with a win against Washington State, so Clay Helton can wipe the sweat of his forehead for now, but the program is looking very mediocre.  This is what happens when you let your players pick the coach.  The man is just too nice.  They practice only once a week in pads.  A couple of weeks ago he let them off early to watch Sam Darnold’s first NFL game.  Wait until this afternoon when he cancels practice so the team can watch tonight’s episode of “Better Call Saul”.  SC also has two punters on scholarship that can’t get it done.  Clay should just walk across campus and find out if the goalie on the women’s soccer team can kick more than 15 yards.  She probably can, and should be on the team instead of those two kids that can’t punt.  USC is proving to be a finesse team, with a soft line, that is very poorly coached.  This university is in desperate need of both a President, and a football coach.  Considering how bad the Pac-12 is, Helton might be around longer than you think.

UCLA football is awful as well.  If this keeps up, pretty soon people will start boycotting Nike for making Chip Kelly look like a good coach.  Kelly is definitely not making any friends early on, and especially not Dorian Thompson-Robinson’s dad, Michael Robinson.  Michael has clearly been taking parenting advice from Lavar Ball, as he criticized Kelly on Twitter last week.  As foolish as that was, the real issue so far is Kelly, who has not exactly been a pleasant personality for UCLA folks to deal with.  It’s obviously very early, but when you are winning, it’s much easier to deal with a grumpy sour puss personality like Kelly.  I don’t think the Bruin faithful expected to be 0-3 out of the gate, and wondering when exactly they might win a game.  Perhaps Under Armour can just make a series of ridiculous and ugly 3rd and 4th jerseys for the Bruin football team, and that might lead to some victories.  It worked for Chip Kelly when he was at Oregon.

Meanwhile, Oregon had a spectacular choke job against Stanford.  All they had to do was kneel on the football yet the managed to screw it up.  You think the Pac-12 is garbage? The ACC is Clemson and a dumpster fire after Virginia Tech’s loss to Old Dominion.  Army nearly embarrassed Oklahoma on the road.  There were 23,000 people watching a cell phone stream of that game.  That’s more than the number of people that show up for a Chargers game every week.   Brian Kelly thinks he’s a genius for making a quarterback change as Notre Dame beat up Wake Forest, but something tells me that’s not that last change he makes.  It also helped that they played a team that forgets to send out a kicker during field goals.  Bold strategy.

Congratulations to Billy Jean King for joining the Dodgers ownership group.  I’m waiting for a statement from Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi taking credit by saying “we ran the numbers first but it made sense to add her.”  On the field though, this team still has me very nervous with a slim division lead heading into the final week of the regular season.  The post season is still no sure thing, especially given the fact they find a way to play down to their competition.  The most frightening scenario is a one-game playoff having to go to Colorado without Kenley Jansen.  The next most frightening scenario is a one-game playoff in St. Louis, where Clayton Kershaw is starting and having to face all his demons all over again.  This team is so up and down, pretty soon Universal Studios is going to replace “Jurassic Park The Ride” with “The Dodger Ride” because it’s a roller coaster of emotions for their fans.

NBA training camps open up this week and the Jimmy Butler drama has been keeping things interesting.  Butler thinks Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins know nothing about winning.  Then he told the T-Wolves he wanted to be traded to one of three biggest loser franchises in the NBA: The Clippers, Nets, or Knicks.  This is why NBA players need to stay in school longer folks.  I’m not that into the idea of Butler joining the Lakers, but I think it’s extremely notable that the Lakers aren’t on his list, since Adrian Wojnarowki reported that he didn’t want to play in Lebron’s shadow.  If this were Kobe, I’m sure many of you would be screaming from the mountain top that “nobody wants to play with Kobe because of his ego.”  This is definitely something to keep an eye on since the Lakers badly need to add one more star free agent in the next year.

As for the Clippers, the idea of trading for Jimmy Butler now makes very little sense.  Sure they have some attractive assets, but Butler by himself isn’t going to help them contend this year.  Besides, they have a lottery protected first round pick, so no matter what they try to tell us, I’m convinced they will really try to tank this year.  Also, congratulations to Lee Jenkins for being hired by the Clippers front office.  Jenkins admitted that he knows nothing about evaluating talent.  Don’t worry Lee! Doc Rivers doesn’t know crap about evaluating talent either, so you should fit right in and can’t do any worse! In all seriousness though, by all accounts Lee is a great guy who should be very successful.

NBA social media is amazing! The Jimmy Butler drama led to some entertaining trash talking between Andrew Wiggins’ brother and Butler, followed by some barbs between Wiggins and Stephen Jackson.  That wasn’t even half as good as Joe Ingles posterizing Blake Griffin on Twitter.  Ingles had tweeted at his teammate, Ricky Rubio, saying he was surprised that the team jerseys were selling like they were, including his own.  Then Griffin reacted to it, which was clearly a big mistake on his part.

Finally, the LA Kings announced last week that they are no longer going to be broadcasted on AM radio this year, and instead will be streaming their games on their own platform on the iHeart Radio App.  This of course has all the old-timer fans up in arms over not being able to listen to the games on radio.  These sound like the same “get off my lawn” fans that complain when baseball tries to do something a little more modern.  I’ve got news for you complainers: the Kings and the rest of the NHL are trying to grow the game and attract the next generation of fans.  Unlike you, those fans don’t still use an eight track player, a flip phone, and have an email address.  It’s actually a great move, but unfortunately, some people just can’t appreciate it.

Monday Morning Coffee

September 17, 2018

The Rams are pounding teams into dust.  Through two weeks, they already look like the best team in the NFL.  It’s early but I’m going to allow myself to become prisoner of the moment for now.  They are so good, they might not even need a kicker.  Turns out they might have to live without one for a while because Greg Zuerlein is hurt.  Their offense is clearly capable of scoring 30 points a game like they are playing a video game, and their defense can shut down opponents.  The only mystery is why they can’t sell out their games.  At one point yesterday, tickets for the home opener were going for as low as $4.  I can’t even go watch a crappy movie for that price.  My expectation is that the crowds will get bigger as the Rams continue to pile up the victories.  That’s just how it works in SoCal, but it doesn’t make people here bad sports fans because of it.

Meanwhile, the Chargers played a team that was so bad, their starting cornerback, Vontae Davis, decided to retire at halftime.  You would think that could only happen to the Cleveland Browns.  Honestly though, the Chargers should be ticked they gave up 20 points to a team as sorry as the Bills.  Buffalo should be demoted from the NFL to the MAC.  The bad news for the Bolts is that they have to go face the juggernaut that is the Rams next weekend at the Coliseum.  If the Bills can score 20 on the Chargers without Joey Bosa, aren’t the Rams going to be good for at least 40?  “The Battle For LA” might not be much of a battle at all.

Elsewhere around the NFL in Week 2, AJ Green has been charged with crimes against humanity for what he did to the Ravens on Thursday night.  Is Ryan Fitzpatrick the greatest quarterback of all-time, or just the greatest quarterback alive?  The Bucs took down the Eagles.  Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs are lighting the NFL on fire.  Mahomes is 19 years younger than Tom Brady, unless he’s actually God, which would make him much older.  Great News for Oakland marijuana dispensaries: Martavis Bryant is back! However, he couldn’t help the Raiders find the win column yesterday against the Broncos.  The Vikings found a new version of Blair Walsh, resulting in a tie with the Packers.  The Cleveland Browns did very Cleveland Brown like things against the Saints, losing in Brown like fashion.  Even Lebron was outraged by their kicker Zane Gonzales blowing the extra point…..

On to College Football where the Trojans got embarrassed by unranked Texas on Saturday night in Austin.  This isn’t 2005 and Texas doesn’t have Vince Young playing for them.  USC should have hammered Texas with all their blue chip talent.  Instead their offensive line got pushed around, and their play calling was as horrible as the food at the dive bars in Austin.  This is all on Clay Helton, and his Offensive Coordinator Tee Martin.  All of these guys are just nice guys, and not great leaders.  I’m beginning to think the same thing about Lynn Swann, who is starting to look like nothing more than a figurehead.  The players are talented, but every time I see them take the field, they look totally unprepared, and at this point, so do the coaches behind this mess.  The real issue though is that the Pac-12 South is awful, so it’s really not out of the question at all that USC could end up in the Conference Championship Game.  Then again, that might actually be the worst thing for the program because it would just keep them locked into a mediocre purgatory none of the Trojan faithful want to see.

I see you laughing Bruin fans, after reading that last paragraph.  I’m not sure why since your football team is garbage too.  I’ve seen very little that’s positive from the Chip Kelly era and when I look at the schedule, I’m beginning to ask myself when UCLA is even going to win a game.  They’ve been outscored 113-52, and the offense looks nothing like the innovative scheme we saw at Oregon.  At this rate, people are going to be boycotting Nike because they once made Chip Kelly look like a good coach.  I get that it’s early and I get that Kelly needs players, but there is a lot more to be concerned about than not with UCLA football.

Notre Dame has to be the worst 3-0 team in the country after escaping with a win against Vanderbilt. The Irish have looked worse than Catholicism in their last two wins.  BYU pulled off the upset over #6 Wisconsin.  The ginger ale was definitely flowing in Utah on Saturday night.  Florida State is now working on trying to schedule games against University of Phoenix, Devry, and Clarke School for the Deaf this season, so they actually have a chance to win a game.  Alabama went up 52-7 in their game against Mississippi, but Nick Saban was still losing his mind when his team settled for a field goal.  Ohio State is 3-0, Urban Meyer is coming back, and of course nobody at the school cares that he could care less about domestic abusers.

To baseball, where the Dodger performance against the Cardinals this weekend is another reason why this team is infuriating for fans to watch.  They take 3 of 4, and are still in the thick of the playoff race.  Yasiel Puig in particular, who decided for one weekend, he was going to show that when he’s focused, he can be one of the best players in baseball.  With two weeks to go, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Dodgers missed the post season completely, or went on a run and won the division and made it all the way to the World Series.  The inability to take care of business against the worst teams in the league could cost them.  So could their pathetic bullpen, and so could the front offices stupid computer program that switches the lineup everyday.  The computer program must have gotten a virus, because they actually played the hot hand this weekend in St. Louis.

We’re only 8 days away from start of Laker training camp.  With that being said, there’s tons of talk out there about who the Lakers should sign with their open roster spot after waiving Luol Deng.  Let me be clear about what they shouldn’t do with that spot.  Sign Andrew Bynum, Ray Allen, Jamal Crawford, or any other old guy.  No more old guys! I also don’t want to hear any more nonsense about Phil Jackson or Kobe Bryant.  Stop hanging on to the past people.  The Lakers always succeed when they turn the page and move on from their past, no matter how successful it was.  It worked when they hired Phil Jackson.  It worked when they traded Shaq.  It will work after they hired Magic Johnson.  Well…it will once Golden State decides to stop paying to keep a championship team together.

There’s usually nothing good to talk about when it comes to the Clippers.  Most of the time, they are nothing more than a great punching bag for bloggers, writers, and the Twitter universe.   However, perhaps the best thing about the Clippers is Ralph Lawler, their play-by-play man for the last four decades.  This season will be Ralph’s 40th, and just a few days ago, he announced he will be retiring upon its completion.  This man has endured 2,000 losses in more than 3,000 games.  While most of you probably think I’m trolling him, I’m really not.  He deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  For one man to endure that much losing and still bring the energy to the mic on a nightly basis, that takes some serious talent.  He is most definitely one of the better play-by-play men in the business, and should be honored for that.

Finally, I’m not saying that boxing is rigged or corrupt, but they certainly aren’t doing a lot to make us think that is isn’t corrupt after this weekend’s Canelo vs GGG fight.  Out of 51 media members polled, 34 scored the fight for GGG, 15 had it a draw, and 2 scored the fight for Canelo.  Yet Canelo still won.  I guess GGG’s check didn’t clear.  In any case, I’d gladly see these two guys fight again, but I don’t need to see Mayweather and Pacquiao hug each other in the ring for 2 hours, as Mayweather says is going to happen again.  I’m not sure how many of you are willing to fork over $100 for this nonsense, but I’m not one of them.

Monday Morning Coffee

September 10, 2018

I am amazed that people actually picked the Chargers as a sleeper to get to the Super Bowl or be contenders in the AFC.  It’s like some of those people were smoking with Elon Musk (more on that later).  The Bolts couldn’t have looked any more overrated in their season opener against the Chiefs.  They also had their 30,000 seat stadium packed with Kansas City fans, which is no surprise.  A total embarrassment for a franchise that is used to embarrassing moments.  It was so bad that the Chargers had to call timeout to drown out the crowd noise while on offense in their own stadium!  If you went to the fridge to get a beer, you probably missed Tyreek Hill and his Olympic speed scoring early on.  You just can’t trust the Chargers to finish off any game successfully, and playing 16 road games isn’t going to help them much either.  For a team this talented, the sum of the parts is a lot less than the whole.

Elsewhere around the NFL, Eagles fans are so excited about their season opening win against the Falcons, they are going to celebrate by eating more horse manure.  The Browns are going to throw a city wide parade after earning a tie with the Steelers.  Nathan Peterman was so bad for the Bills, his quarterback rating actually went up after throwing an interception against the Ravens.  The 49ers and Jimmy G were by far the next most overrated team coming into week 1.  The Saints made Ryan Fitzpatrick look like Johnny Unitas and probably screwed you in your survivor pool.  The Cowboys cut Dan Bailey because he didn’t have a criminal record and really could have used him against Carolina.  That Bears-Packers game was like a big middle finger from Khalil Mack to Jon Gruden.   Then Aaron Rodgers pulled a Paul Pierce and brought the Packers back.  Here’s a look at Bears fans after Rodgers pulled off the magic comeback……

To College Football where the Trojans put on some mediocre performance against Stanford on Saturday night.  The more and more I watch this team the more I think Clay Helton is the new Jeff Fisher of College Football.  I’ve seen elementary school kids with more creativity than the creativity that Helton shows on offense.  Of course Helton said after the game that he was really proud of his kids and how they competed.  Apparently he thinks this is AYSO soccer.  At this point the best thing going for USC is their talent and their schedule.  Not even Clay Helton should lose to Texas next week, and they only dropped 4 spots in the rankings.  Otherwise, the Trojan faithful shouldn’t be too thrilled about the big picture.

UCLA shouldn’t be too thrilled either with their 0-2 start, although I thought they were going to lose by a lot more than 28 points to Oklahoma.  Things are so bad for the Bruins, Russell Westbrook attended the game and looked about as upset as he usually does after every playoff series.  Things should get a little better for the Bruins in time, but the biggest concern has to be that Dorian  Thompson-Robinson isn’t that good, which means UCLA needs to recruit another quarterback.  If he’s under center for most of the rest of this season, it’s going to be a very long and ugly season for the Bruins.

Even though the Dodgers took 2 of 3 from the Rockies over the weekend, they are running out of time to give me any confidence they are going to make the postseason.  Their chances of making it are about as good as a coin flip.  Everyone wants to talk about how much easier their schedule is than the Rockies and D’Backs, but LA just lost 2 of 3 to the Mets at home.  I’m not even sure the Mets are trying to win games at this point.  They also have to go to St. Louis to play 4 games against the Cardinals, who own the Dodgers’ soul at this point.  It’s going to be especially embarrassing for a team with that much talent and that much of a payroll to be sitting home in October.  There’s also nothing more fitting than the Dodgers giving away these digital bobbleheads.  In other words, they are actually giving NOTHING.  Not an actual Bobblehead.  I refuse to believe that anybody other than Andrew Friedman or his computer came up with his absurdly stupid and nerdy idea.

Now it just feels like Shohei Ohtani is trolling the Angels.  Ohtani is probably going to undergo Tommy John surgery, just like everyone said he would after the Halos stubbornly put him back on the mound.  Then Ohtani went on a home run hitting tear like he was Babe Ruth.  This guy could easily hit 40 home runs exclusively as a designated hitter, and would provide Mike Trout with all the protection he needs.  Instead, the Angels will have to wait until next season to keep Ohtani exclusively as a DH, moving even closer to Mike Trout’s free agency.  Get ready for another 6 months of Mike Trout trade rumors since the Halos have been going nowhere.  The Angels actually have money to spend this offseason too, but most people would probably bet on them spending it on another pitcher that’s going to end up on the operating table.

I thought the dumbest thing I had ever seen was Democrats boycotting In-N-Out because they donated to the Republican party.  Then Republicans said “hold by beer” and started burning their Nike gear when they saw Colin Kaepernick as the face of a Nike campaign.  That campaign doesn’t make most sensible people any more or less likely buy Nike, but it is an interesting strategy by the company.  They definitely do not care about people in Texas, Alabama, or anybody in the middle of the country.  They are focused on 12 cities around the globe, most notably LA and New York that are filled with diversity.  They’ve also shown that historically they are willing to build these campaigns against controversial athletes (Tiger, Kobe, Charles Barkley, etc).  It’s worked for them in the past, so no reason to think it won’t work now.  It also gave us a week of some amazing internet memes.

I don’t really have that big of a problem with Elon Musk having a couple of sips of whiskey and smoking weed during his interview with Joe Rogan on Friday.  However, given all the scrutiny he’s been under, the timing of it all seems very stupid, and you know his investors are going to lose their mind.  For that reason, it amazes me that some of the smartest people can make some of the stupidest decisions.  The real story behind that interview though was the fact that Musk was talking about some crazy “end of the world” technologies, that was essentially mad science that would eventually end the human race.  It was like the guy just got back from Burning Man.  He’s brilliant, but he’s crazy.

Finally, you’ve gotta hande it to ABC.  Nobody wanted to see Colton as the next Bachelor, yet they found a way to give America exactly what it didn’t want.  Colton as the next Bachelor.  Is this guy really going to lose his virginity on fantasy suite night? Better yet, I can’t wait for the episode where Chris Harrison has to give Colton a sex ed course.  Of course everyone is saying they are boycotting the show this season.  they really really mean it this time.  Except we all know that everyone will be back.  In reality though, Colton is a bloggers dream as the next Bachelor because there are so many jokes you can make.  It’s like the jokes actually write themselves.  For those of you that wanted Jason, Peter, or Blake, you clearly have not caught on to how this works yet.

Monday Morning Coffee

September 3, 2018

If you’re a Trojan fan, the big question is what stage of denial are you in? Stage 1 is where you think you just played down to a mediocre UNLV team, but you are still playoff contenders.  Stage 2 is where you think you’ll have some work to do, but you’ll probably be ok and win the Pac-12.  Stage 3  is where you know Clay Helton is way in over his head and this team is going nowhere fast.  Most sensible people should be somewhere between stage 2 and 3, and if you were at 1, you’ve probably been drinking at a fraternity house since Thursday night.  The Trojans just gave up over 300 yards rushing to a crummy team.  Imagine what will happen when they visit Stanford next week. USC has talent and JT Daniels looks nice, but unless he turns into Sam Darnold over night, things could get ugly for the Trojans over the next couple of weeks.

Then there’s UCLA, which started off the Chip Kelly era with a brutal loss to Cincinnati.  I can’t say watching this team looked any different than watching a team coached by Jim Mora Jr.  Kelly’s offense looked a lot more like the ineffective displays we saw from him in San Francisco and his last year in Philadelphia during his time in the NFL.  The defense may have looked better, but I saw nothing that resembled the Chip Kelly that coached College Football years ago.  Of course suspending six players before the game didn’t help either.  Those six players probably were suspended for skipping out on the bill at a Chinese restaurant.

Elsewhere around College Football, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame renewed their rivalry with Michigan and got a big win to start the season.  I think it’s safe to say it’s been a rough couple of weeks for Catholicism, so that victory was much needed.  As for Michigan, not sure what’s happened to Jim Harbaugh.  I guess he didn’t want to “show too much” against the Irish.  He must be saving it all for that big game against Western Michigan.  Ohio State beat up Oregon State, but the Urban Meyer debacle continues to make headlines.  Meyer covers up domestic violence and receives a 3 game suspension. Josh Gordon smokes weed and was suspended for 2 seasons. The only similarities between the NFL and Ohio State is that they both pay their players.  Alabama crushed Louisville, but Nick Saban is still acting like a lunatic.

To the NFL, where the Rams finally got a deal done with Aaron Donald, who will be swimming in money after being guaranteed $87 million.  As if that wasn’t enough good news, they also learned that John Gruden has no idea what he’s doing in Oakland, trading Khalil Mack to Chicago.  That means the Rams won’t have to face Mack when they open the season next week in Oakland.  Gruden is going to need to hire some body guards after Raider fans found out what he did.  The Rams look amazing on paper, but that’s the scary thing, NFL games aren’t played on paper.  The only thing that can go wrong is what’s gone wrong for teams that have had this much hype behind them to start the season.  Only time will tell, however, not playing any starters in the preseason may not have been the smartest idea.  The Rams weren’t all that effective in the playoffs when resting their starters in the final regular season game last year.  We’ll see how effective the starters are come one week from today.

In baseball the Dodgers had a quite a dramatic series against the D’Backs over the weekend.  Both teams along with the Rockies look like they are headed for a very close finish in the NL West.  If  there’s one thing we learned over the weekend it’s that the Dodger starters should be pitching a lot longer into games, regardless of what the analytics say.  The bullpen has been so horrible, each reliever only has one pitch: the home run ball.  Great idea however, by Elon Musk to create an underground mode of transportation to Dodger Stadium.  That way the relievers can quickly exit the building when they embarrass themselves on a nightly basis.  The solution for this team over the last month is to use two starters per night.  They clearly have enough good starting pitching to do so, but not enough quality relievers.  That should make it easier to get the ball to Kenley Jansen.  I’m just not so sure the computer will approve of this move. Nevertheless, great heroics by Matt Kemp for two days in a row, and an even better update to Archie Bradley’s Wiki page!

The Angels season ended long ago, and they have been playing meaningless games for quite some time.  However, I will never understand some of the things Mike Scioscia does.  He says that Shohei Ohtani will get much better as he gets more at-bats against left handed pitching.  Since these games mean nothing, why isn’t he giving him more of those at-bats? Instead, Scioscia has been committed to putting him back on the mound, which means potentially putting him back on the operating table.  This franchise badly needs to move on from the Scioscia and Albert Pujols era.  The latter seems harder to achieve given the years left on his deal.  This offseason though, the Halos need to find a Manager that can co-exist with the modern day data drive front offices, and one who has achieved success.  The guy that comes to mind would be Joe Girardi.

To the NBA where I’m very disappointed in the way the Lakers handled the Luol Deng situation.  Finally, the Lakers elected to waive Deng on Saturday, meaning his enormous salary will remain on the books for the next four seasons.  Yes, getting rid of Deng means the Lakers will be able to afford 1 max player next summer.  However, they still would have had an opportunity to trade his entire salary off their books next summer, probably by giving up a single 1st round pick at that point.  Doing that would mean not only adding a max player next summer, but also another quality player for $10 million.  I’ve gotta think you could find some good ring chasers that want to play with Lebron at that price.  I’m also not really sure why the Lakers have been treating Deng like he’s Smush Parker or Kwame Brown.  Sure he’s aged, but it’s not like the man can’t play basketball.

Hockey season is just around the corner as NHL training camps open up in about a week.  I had the privilege of attending the LA Kings State of The Franchise event last week.  During that event the Kings had several broadcasters and alumni signing autographs.  One of those alumni was Brandon Convery.  I have been a Kings fan for 27 years.  Why the hell haven’t I heard of this guy? That’s because he played a whole 3 games for the team back in the 1998-1999 season.  The Kings really couldn’t get anybody else for this event?  Sean Avery, Jeremy Roenick, Dan Cloutier, or some other useless alumni wasn’t available?

Finally, I got a great laugh out of all the morons that decided they are going to boycott In-N-Out Burgers, after it was revealed they donated to the Republic Party.  You can absolutely hate Donald Trump, but the fact that anyone wouldn’t go eat somewhere because the restaurants political beliefs are different from their own is a new level of narrow mindedness.  I guess some people have lost their damn minds and are ok with it.  If that’s the case, they better be prepared to boycott plenty of other establishments and services that they frequent.