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Monday Morning Coffee

February 22, 2021

Sometimes I really wonder if some of you are really under the impression the Lakers are going to win every single game. I also have come to the conclusion that if they don’t, you think the team needs major changes. Relax folks. The Lakers have been missing two of their three best players, and they have looked tired and disinterested in playing over the last few weeks. That’s understandable for a defending champion with the shortest off-season in league history. I know they are now losing to teams who wear Rainbow Bright pajamas, but they are still tied for the 2nd best record in the league. The Lakers didn’t just lose the ability to shoot all of a sudden. They are tired, and they’ll get their shooting legs back in time. However, they do need help at center. Andre Drummond would be ideal, but probably is not realistic. DeMarcus Cousins is however, and can still be effective. In any case, there’s no need to jump off the Santa Monica pier because the Lakers lost two in a row.

Meanwhile, the Clippers are getting healthy, but some questions are coming up after last night’s loss to the Nets. If you know that Paul George is on a minutes restriction, how do you not save some of his minutes for the last two critical minutes of the game? Did Ty Lue just do the math wrong on his minutes count and forget to carry the one? Also, great challenge by Ty Lue when Beverley practically stabbed Jeff Green in the back, instead of saving it for that bad offensive foul call on Kawhi in the final seconds. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are playing at a higher level together this season, but their depth isn’t as good as it was last year. Lou Williams has become unplayable in crunch time, Patrick Beverley might get hurt trying to get his uniform on, and Luke Kennard can’t even crack the rotation on a $64 million contract. The Clips are doing fine, but they need more help in the backcourt. I’m just not sure how they are going to get it between now and playoff time.

To baseball where pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training last week. That means that by the time the season starts, David Price will be pitching for the first time in 19 months. When you come back from a two-week vacation, it takes you a few days to get back to being sharp at your job. Imagine coming back from 19 months off? Does this dude even remember how to pitch? He was one of the best pitchers in baseball for nearly a decade, and injuries took a toll on his performance the last few years we saw him. That means the 19 months off will either be the best thing for his career and extend it, or it will be the death of his career. Speaking of pitchers, Trevor Bauer is at it again on Twitter, this time having a Twitter beef with Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard. I’m fine with the back and forth with other players, as it makes the game more entertaining. However, hopefully Bauer’s antics are limited to what you see below. Otherwise, somebody take this man’s phone away.

As for the Angels, here we are again. We’re starting spring training and asking the same questions we usually do. Will this team have enough pitching to make the playoffs? Can Shohei Ohtani stay healthy and emerge as an elite starting pitcher? Will Mike Trout have enough help around him? We’ve seen this movie multiple times before and we know how it ends, so I don’t know why we expect the results to be different. It’s like watching the opening scene in all the Jaws movies. You know someone is going to get eaten, just like you know the answers to all the questions above are no. I look forward to us pretending like the results will be different for at least the first month of the season.

UCLA basketball was sloppier than Tom Brady during a championship parade on Saturday night. It didn’t matter though. They played 35 bad minutes, 4 good minutes, and 1 perfect minute to defeat Arizona State. That put them back into a 1st place tie in the Pac-12 with USC. I can’t believe the Bruins were awarded free throws with one second left in the game on a late foul. That’s a surprising call, even for Pac-12 officials. However, perhaps the best news of the week is that UCLA got a commitment from the #1 shooting guard recruit in the country, Amari Bailey. I say perhaps because Bailey de-committed and then re-committed to UCLA. Unfortunately, there’s still time for him to change his mind two or three more times.

Finally, the Bachelor is back on ABC tonight after another eventful episode last week. I’m sorry you didn’t get to leave sooner Serena C. Heather’s time on the show lasted about as long as Ted Cruz’s visit to Cancun. Kit thought she and Matt could definitely get married, but she probably still needs to take her finals and get a permission slip signed by her parents. Props to her though because she could probably teach a class on how to be contestant just long enough to be an influencer. I’m glad we won’t have to see a “socialite” hometown date though. Way to go Matt…..Bri gives up her job for you and all you have to say is “thanks for sharing”. On the other hand, you gave Rachel a rose for God knows what reason. He is really meeting Rachel’s family next week? Is this going to be the sequel to the movie “Get Out”? I’ll never understand why people keep picking up the Rose just to send people home. After Matt sent Abigail home, I’m thinking he probably deserved Victoria. Feels like anybody getting sent home at this point is the real winner compared to all the duds that are left. You should play a drinking game where you take a shot every time Matt says “thank you for sharing that.” You would be drunk really fast. Let’s just have Katie come back to replace Chris Harrison for the final two episodes of the season. Either that or make her the next Bachelorette.

Monday Morning Coffee

February 15, 2021

I think every Laker fan is going to be holding their breath today, as they wait for the MRI results on Anthony Davis’ Achilles tendon. I’m optimistic that it’s not torn, and assuming it’s not, AD needs to be handled with extreme care. Memo to AD and training staff: no more hero crap! He doesn’t play until he’s 100% healthy. The Lakers have been going to overtime so often lately, I’m beginning to wonder if the players think they are paid hourly. Despite last night’s loss, they have been winning games, but it’s not comfortable knowing how difficult they are making their lives. They are getting themselves into big deficits early, playing down to the competition, and playing Lebron major minutes. I’m sure Lebron doesn’t care, because he wants to win MVP, and stick it to all the amateurs that didn’t vote for him last year, but that doesn’t feel like the best way to manage a 36-year old superstar in his 18th season. Thank god for the energy from Montrezl Harrell and the continued development of THT, because the Lakers need to lean more on them to get them through what are already the dog days of the season. Hopefully the Lakers don’t plan on sleep walking through the next few weeks because they’ll have to face the Nets and Jazz, and most likely without AD.

Meanwhile, the Clippers have still been winning games without Paul George. However, there’s more and more noise that they are trying to divorce themselves of both Lou Williams and Patrick Beverley. I’m sure in their dream scenario, they would somehow be able to move those two, and perhaps Ivica Zubac for Kyle Lowry. However, that’s like trying to trade a Honda Civic for a Ferrari. As much as the Clips want create “Raptors West”, they don’t have the draft capital or the young players to get a trade like that done. More than anything though, shopping Williams and Beverley feel like a desire to change the team’s locker room culture that is still somewhat awkward from last years chicken wing fiasco. The more they do that, the more likely they are to re-sign Kawhi Leonard when the season is over.

To baseball where the Dodgers put a nice little bow on their off-season by re-signing Justin Turner. That’s great for JT, and great for the Dodgers. I love the fact that they are not only going for it, but doing so with complete disregard for the luxury tax. Meanwhile, all the other cheapskate franchises in baseball won’t pay for anything. As much as I have complained about Andrew Friedman’s specific moves over the years, he gets all the credit now. However, I can’t understand those of you Dodger fans complaining like Betty Draper that the team is spending too much money, and that you can’t see them on TV. You guys must be used to abusive relationships and are comfortable with it. You can’t win if you don’t spend money. Freidman did a great job of bringing in Trevor Bauer on a contract that isn’t nearly as crazy as what we’ve seen for a Cy Young winner. Bauer’s press conference could have been a little more polished given baseball’s current climate. However, only time will tell if he’s a model citizen. The only bit of sadness you should have is hearing that Clayton Kershaw might be considering retirement when this coming season ends. I’ve always thought he could pitch into his late 30’s effectively, but he sounds like he doesn’t want to take it that far, after reading his recent quotes to the LA Times. Enjoy the greatness for however much longer we get to see it.

As for the Angels, they are missing out on a huge opportunity right now. They are desperate for pitching, and they should be calling either the Dodgers or Red Sox for some of their surplus. The Angels could easily trade for David Price and get some prospects out of it from the Dodgers for taking on that salary. The could also hit up the Red Sox, who are giving away players for day old donuts and a player to be named later at this point. Any of the pitchers they would get back would be no worse than their #3 starter. Of course, Arte Moreno is too foolish to make a deal with the Dodgers, after he admittedly made the team pull out of the Joc Peterson and Ross Stripling trade last year. The Angels might have a whole bunch of money coming off the books after this season, but there’s no good free agents to spend that money on, and definitely not any good pitchers. Their best bet is to trade for one now. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to comprehend just how badly they need pitching, and refuse to pay one cent over the luxury tax.

I don’t know what was more painful: watching the impeachment trial or watching UCLA basketball this past week. The Bruins escaped against Washington, but they are losing momentum fast in the PAC-12, and now looking like a long shot to win the conference. They are also among the blue blood programs that are not in the Top 25 this year like Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Kansas. That hasn’t happened in 60 years. This year we should call those programs “blue balls” instead, since they are giving their fans that kind of pain. Even though star power is really lacking at all these programs, if the Bruins stand any chance of making the tournament and having a respectable showing, they are going to need Codey Riley and Jalen Hill back on the floor, and producing for them. They are also going to have to play much better defense than they have been. They only have about a month left to get their act together, so let’s hope Mick Cronin can rally the troops.

Finally, the Bachelor is back on ABC tonight, and it’s been an eventful last week for the show. Before we get to Chris Harrison, let’s talk about the last episode. Katie, we thank you for your service. We needed you. We at least deserved to see her bounce Serena C. before she went home. Her “date” with Matt was really just an excuse for him to hang out with Tyler, and get away from the drama. Matt said he saw the process work for Tyler. Apparently he didn’t watch his season at all because the process didn’t work. Comparing a vibrator to a cactus is truly the worst thing you could compare a vibrator to. Katie may not have been romantically vibing with Matt, but she was nailing the run and jump. She is also Bachelorette material. She may not have gotten Matt, but at least she sent Victoria, Anna, and MJ home, which should earn her Bachelorette in my book. Too bad Abigail and Katie were the only decent human beings among this group. For the love of God, can you please end one episode with a Rose ceremony? I love the producers trolling all these terrible girls by sending in Heather when they thought the drama was over. Tayshia should really teach her how to show up late for a season. Did the rental place really not have any other vehicles besides a mini van? Gotta love Matt giving Pieper a carnival toy after giving Rachel Louboutins. Every time Matt sits down next to one of these women, he’s grabbing legs like he’s reaching into a bucket of KFC. As for Chris Harrison, he made a mistake, and spoke insensitively by using the phrase “woke police”, when discussing the previously mentioned “Racist Rachel” from this season. However, if we’re just going to punish and fire people without letting them learn from their mistakes you won’t see any progress in society, and we’ll never really improve how people view race. Chris now has the opportunity to do that, and come back to host the show with a deeper understanding of race and people.

Monday Morning Coffee

February 8, 2021

Super Bowl LV was like New Years Eve. It was weeks of hype, but ended up being a gigantic letdown. Nevertheless, congratulations to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on their Super Bowl Championship. Brady is undoubtedly the greatest quarterback of all-time, in case you weren’t already convinced. Meanwhile, it was a rough night for the Chiefs. It turns out offensive lineman are pretty important, and the Chiefs didn’t have a chance when they were missing those key players. On top of that, Abraham Lincoln could finish a play better than Kansas City could last night. Their defense also looked worse than the Capitol’s on January 6th. Leonard Fournette and Gronk were out here just grown-manning the Chiefs on play after play. If it was ever possible for a defensive coordinator to win MVP, it should have gone to Todd Bowles for the scheme he put together. The Bucs d was so dominant that the fan who ran onto the field had an easier time getting near the endzone than the Chiefs did. Brady now has as many rings as JPP has fingers. As for Patrick Mahomes, he’s still great and he’ll be back. Even three of his incomplete passes were the most spectacular we’ve ever seen. I’m sure we’ll see plenty more of him on this stage in the coming years.

As for the other theatrics in the broadcast and the commercials, everything was rather underwhelming. The DoorDash commercial? Just wait until Big Bird finds out it costs $27 to get those groceries delivered from DoorDash. How much weight did Matthew McConaughey lose for that Doritos commercial? Logitech might as well have lit $5.6 million on fire instead of air that commercial. Hey Chipotle, spare me your serious commercials. Make us laugh or save your cash clowns. Someone is going to have to explain to Gen Z’ers that Bud Light commercial. Who was suddenly in the mood to go slam some 2% milk after that Oatly commercial? Rocket Mortgage had to be the only commercial I laughed at. I feel like Super Bowl ads are targeted exclusively at people who clap when celebrities show up unannounced on SNL. Drake really delayed his album drop so he could shoot an insurance commercial. I guess even Jake from State Farm needs a break. I like how Robinhood tried to sneak in an ad during the blowout like we forgot what happened two weeks ago. Meanwhile, the halftime show with The Weekend was average at best. The Weekend had me looking forward to Monday. I had motion sickness when he went into his little fun house. It was like FaceTiming with my dad. Plus his backup singers looked like a cross between a skin you unlock when you play Warzone, and the Whisperers from The Walking Dead. Here’s some of the better commercials, and that’s not saying much.

To the NBA, where it was a pretty good week for the Lakers, collecting another three straight wins. However, if the Lakers had to play the Pistons in the playoffs, they are clearly in trouble. Not sure why the Lake Show doesn’t show up against Detroit every time they play. It was like both teams bet on the Pistons to cover on Saturday night. Despite being uninterested in playing hard in that game, they were extremely impressive a couple of nights earlier against the Nuggets. Lebron dominated and THT is getting better and better every game he plays. When it’s all said and done, Talen Horton-Tucker will have to be the GOAT on the all-time hyphenated name list. As for Lebron, he told everyone on Saturday night that he can’t eat “fun food” anymore during the Super Bowl because he’s too old and pays the price for it. Never before have I felt so close to Lebron James. Also, good thing that incident with “Courtside Karen” happened in Atlanta instead of Utah. If it were in Utah, Lebron probably would have had to deal with 7 “Courtside Karens” because all those Jazz season ticket holders usually bring their 7 wives to the game.

Meanwhile, it was not such a great week for the Clippers. I’m not talking about the losses to the Nets, Celtics, and Kings. I’m talking about the fact that Paul George is going to be out for a while with a toe injury. This is a huge problem for both the Clips and Jock Talk LA. How am I supposed to keep making fun of PG when he’s sidelined with an injury? For the Clippers, he was playing at an all-NBA level, and they were leaning heavily on him and Kawhi Leonard. When Ty Lue was asked how long George would be out for, it was like he was searching WebMD at the time trying to figure it out. He probably got distracted at that point, thinking he was going to die, as most of us do reading that site. Nobody knows for sure on George’s timetable, other than knowing that Otto Porter missed most of the season last year, when he suffered a similar injury. In the meantime, this would be a good time for guys like Luke Kennard and Marcus Morris to start earning their paychecks.

In baseball, the Dodgers dropped a bomb on the rest of the MLB by signing Trevor Bauer over the weekend. That’s right folks. The defending World Series Champions just added last season’s NL Cy Young Award winner. The Dodgers didn’t need to add Bauer, but you’ve gotta appreciate the fact Andrew Friedman was able to lure him to LA on short-term deal, and aggressively keep this championship contending window open. Bauer is a loose cannon, a social media troll, and simply a weird guy, but he can pitch. More importantly, by adding him to the staff, the Dodgers can use one of their stud young pitchers like Julio Urias, Dustin May, or Tony Gonsolin out of the bullpen, which still needed to be strengthened. To finish things off though, the Boys in Blue really need to re-sign Justin Turner. He’s not only still a productive 3rd baseman, but he’s a big part of their clubhouse culture. You need leadership like that to absorb weird guys like Bauer getting added to the mix. Hopefully Andrew Friedman’s computer understands this when it tells him what to do.

Then there’s the Angels. You thought Trump’s first 100 days in office were bad? Perry Minasian said “hold my beer”. This guy managed to increase the payroll by $25 million this season, and the only impact pitchers he has to show for it are Alex Cobb and Jose Quintana. Minasian said they are in a “decent” position with their pitching. “Decent”? Picking up a couple of pitching rejects from terrible teams isn’t exactly what everyone had in mind for making this a playoff team. Oh, and how could I forget about the extremely mediocre acquisition of Dexter Fowler? That guy is the definition of “league average”. Also, nice background check on Mickey Callaway. I’m sure the league would consider punishing the Halos, but then they probably saw the moves Minasian was making as punishment enough. Callaway is sure to be fired soon, because Arte Moreno would never allow anybody other than himself to be the source of negative press for the team.

That was one very disappointing showdown between UCLA and USC hoops on Saturday night. The Bruins had a week to prepare, but they were missing both Cody Riley and Jalen Hill. That meant they got crushed on the boards and dominated in the paint. I actually felt like the Trojans should have won by more, but they didn’t shoot a whole lot better than the Bruins anyway. UCLA is scrappy, but they aren’t going to beat any good teams when Tyger Campbell is off his game, while missing those two big men. There’s still plenty of time left to win the conference, and considering ranked teams are falling faster than the stock price of GameStop, UCLA might even have a fighting chance in the tournament.

Speaking of USC, their football recruiting class was ranked 8th in the country after National Signing Day last week. Although this is much improved from last year’s 64th ranked class, it really doesn’t mean that much. Recruiting has never been a problem at USC, it’s coaching and development. Some recruiting classes are better than expected, like in 2020, and others are worse than expected, like in 2016. As long as Clay Helton is the head coach of this program, while running the air raid, this program is going nowhere. The Trojans should win 75% of their games next year just because of their athleticism, but they’ll lose to teams like Notre Dame and Oregon because of that lack of coaching and development. Those of you that claim winning the PAC-12 and the Rose Bowl is enough are fooling yourselves. You know your expectation for this team is National Championship. Isn’t it that way with every college and pro sports team in LA? No reason to suddenly settle for less, because the USC administration is trying to fool you into that while they get their crap together.

Finally, the Bachelor is back on ABC tonight, and we had another explosive episode last week. ABC needs to give Katie a good size check. She’s out here playing therapist and being a contestant at the same time. Victoria handled getting sent home the same way Trump handled losing the election. She says she’s never dating a guy named Matt again. I hope they put her in Paradise, and cast only guys named Matt during that season. Once we found out how racist Rachael is, it made that whole shopping spree date a big bummer. I’ll leave it to you guys to Google that one. Who does the background check for these contestants? The Angels HR department? Imagine seeing someone come back from a shopping spree one-on-one date, while you get to go on some group date digging ditches and dressing like Little House on the Prairie. The spirit of Victoria really never left after her departure. It just entered a new host who is more evil in MJ. There’s nothing quite like seeing multiple toxic villains get sent home in one episode. MJ vs Jessenia was fabulous television though. It was like Burr vs Hamilton, Bachelor style. The limo ride was especially uncomfortable. It was like when your mom makes you carpool with the popular mean girl at school. Matt looked like he was ready to send himself home after that. Looking forward to seeing more fireworks tonight.

Monday Morning Coffee

February 1, 2021

That was wild. Matthew Stafford has been traded to the Rams, and Jared Goff is headed to Lions. You gotta feel bad for Goff. One day you’re young, rich, and good looking, with a smart coach and cool stadium on a good team in a great city, with the world in the palm of your hands. The next, you’re off to Detroit. Life comes as you fast. At least he has enough money to buy the state of Michigan. This is a great move for the Rams. They get an upgrade at quarterback with Stafford, a more team friendly contract, and continue to contend for Super Bowls. As for the audacity of trading two first round picks, I’ve got news for you: the Rams don’t need them right now. They haven’t had a 1st round pick in four years, and over that stretch they are 43-21 with 2 division titles, 3 playoff appearances, and one Super Bowl appearance. Most GM’s are doing their best to not get fired and keep their jobs as long as possible. They can do that buy acquiring the currency of draft picks, which buys them more time in their jobs. Les Snead doesn’t have to do that. He has enough equity to try and win now, and it’s been successful for him. Those extra picks help the Lions new front office buy more time for themselves. Ultimately, it’s a deal that both sides can benefit from.

To the NBA, where the Lakers wrap up their 7 game road trip tonight in Atlanta. The Lake Show has gone 4-2 so far on the trip, and have had some big wins over the likes of Boston and Milwaukee. However, after that embarrassing loss to the Pistons on Thursday night, they should have been forced to stay at a Motel 6 for the rest of the trip. Nevertheless, it was good to see Anthony Davis put in a strong game on Saturday night. AD has played much of the season the way I play basketball after eating a Chipotle burrito. He’s been moving slower, less reactive on defense, and out of rhythm on offense. Not sure if this is because of a lack of training camp and practice time, but I would expect him to get back to the level we saw him at during the NBA Finals if the Lakers want to defend their title.

As for the Clippers, they took down the Knicks yesterday, which was their 10th win in the last 11 games. The Clips have separated themselves from the rest of the pack, and are still title contenders. Ironically though, they are much more top heavy this year than last year. It’s been total domination from Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, with less depth than we saw last year. In fact, Lou Williams is almost getting phased out of the rotation completely. It’s like Ty Lue has something against Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings. I didn’t realize that St. Nick was still delivering gifts this time of year, because Nic Batum is a quite a gift the Clips received, playing well at a minimum salary. Now the Clips can get ready for a big matchup tomorrow night against the Nets and their newly formed super team.

Speaking of hoops, UCLA Basketball grinded out another win on Saturday night in typical Mick Cronin fashion. This time it was over Oregon State. The Bruins are still in 1st place in the PAC-12 and up to #23 in the AP poll, but they’ve got a big week ahead. They take on Oregon tonight at Pauley Pavilion, and visit USC on Saturday. The Ducks might not even be able to play enough games to be eligible to win the conference. Just being able to keep your team healthy enough to play, let alone continue to win games is a task right now, and Cronin is doing a great job with both. The man is doing so well with both, he should just replace Gavin Newsom and run the state of California while he’s at it.


The baseball season is rapidly approaching, and the Dodgers still haven’t figured out what their infield is going to look like. Kike Hernandez and Joc Pederson have departed, which isn’t surprising, given that they were promised larger roles elsewhere. The real question is whether or not Justin Turner is going to be re-signed. The odds are he will be, since both sides want to make it work. However, I have to laugh at those of you who were upset that Nolan Arenado was traded to the Cardinals instead of the Dodgers. That’s like being upset that your side piece got hitched while you are feverishly trying to work things out with your wife. The Dodgers don’t need Arenado, and they also don’t need Trevor Bauer. Bauer is a loose cannon that’s only going to take development time away from some of the Dodgers young stud pitchers. If it’s a one-year deal? Ok maybe, but the Dodgers have more pressing needs, mostly in their bullpen.

Then there’s the Angels. I’m beginning to wonder if new GM Perry Minasian has seen the Halos play the last couple of seasons. The season is just around the corner, and they still have no reliable pitchers. The Angels should do a sponsorship deal with Robinhood, so that whenever they are losing in a game, the app will step in and force the winning team to stop playing. That’s probably the only chance they have with the scrubs they will be sending to the mound every game. I don’t believe for one second that the Halos will sign Trevor Bauer either. Even if I look past the previous rocky relationship with Angels pitching coach Mickey Callaway, there’s no way Arte Moreno would go into the luxury tax to sign him. While I’m not the biggest fan of Bauer as I mentioned earlier, the reality of it is you can acquire anybody in baseball these days if you are willing to take on money, even if you don’t have prospects. The Angels could have acquired a player like Yu Darvish or Blake Snell had they been willing to take on money. It’s clear at this point that Arte Moreno does not, not matter how hard he tries to fool us into thinking he will.

Speaking of baseball, every year we have to endure this same discussion: should steroid users be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Some of the writers want to pretend using steroids like Barry Bonds did, is a greater or lesser offense than gambling on baseball, like Pete Rose did. Others try to distinguish between guys who were just bad people like Ty Cobb, who murdered someone, or Omar Vizquel, who is a domestic abuser. Baseball is historically full of cheaters, and that is simply the story of the game in the modern day, and the past. You can’t tell the story of baseball without any of these cheaters, and that’s what the Hall of Fame is: it tells the story of the game. With that being said, I say you simply let these players in the hall based on what they did in their era, since most of their competition was cheating anyway. It sounds a little cynical, but it’s a practical reality.

Finally, the Bachelor is back tonight on ABC, and it was quite an episode last week. The best part of that episode was seeing the sour look on the girls faces when the five new girls walked in. They deserved every bit of it after the way they bullied Sarah. Anna is all teeth. She’s a cross between the Predator, Alien, and Mr. Ed. Brittany is Anna’s “Antifa”. Matt’s pocket square game is top notch. Legend has it that Magi is still paddling. How come Victoria looks like she got punched in the face every week we see her? I usually find “bullied” to be the most overused word in the show’s history. Not this season though. This season is like a 2021 remake of “Mean Girls”. The whole house is nothing but bullies. It’s so bad that real sex workers that were trashed during the last episode have more class than these women. The producers missed a great opportunity by not putting Katie and Victoria in the same fighting ring. I would have killed to see Victoria take a beating. Michelle is looking strong right now! Matt James memorized entirely too many Tik Tok dances in quarantine. I look forward to more episodes of Victoria and Anna trashing everyone and then complaining they have no time with Matt.