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Monday Morning Coffee

December 26, 2022

Merry Christmas observed everyone! The Dallas Mavericks took a crap in the Lakers Xmas stockings yesterday afternoon at American Airlines Arena in Texas. I think it’s safe to say that Rob Pelinka has done unbelievable damage to this roster, which I’m not sure they can recover from in the Lebron-AD era. The even more frustrating part is that Lebron signed an extension, AD is under contract for a while, and they are acting like they don’t believe in them anymore and want to rebuild. That’s what it sounds like given that they have refused to make a trade repeatedly when opportunities have presented themselves. Even if that’s not the case, they might even be pursuing an an even more unimaginative plan, which is saving cap space for free agency. It’s silly because there are no elite level free agents out there this summer. Watching this team is beyond aggravating and will continue to be for a while.

The best news for the Clippers is that the West is really up for grabs. They are only four games over .500, and that’s good enough for 5th place in the West. Not bad considering Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are basically 1099 employees. The bad news though is that if the Clippers want to build any sustained momentum, these guys need to not only play, but practice on a regular basis. Kawhi and his people are consistently pushing back on this idea, suggesting that he’ll be ready to go come playoff time, but that plan hasn’t worked out so well since he’s been a Clipper. Nevertheless, we’ll see if the Clips can build any sustained momentum.

To the NFL, where the Rams had their way yesterday afternoon with the Broncos. Russell Wilson has looked like Russell Westbrook playing quarterback. The Broncos are going to need to call one of those companies that gets you out of time share contracts, and ask them how to get out of Russell Wilson’s contract. It’s nice to see Baker Mayfield playing well and rehabilitating his value in the last couple of weeks. I wouldn’t mind if he was the Rams back up next year behind Matt Stafford, but let’s be honest, he’s going to be pursuing a job as a starting QB.

As for the Chargers, they can clinch a spot in the postseason for the first time since 2018 if they beat the Colts tonight. That means that we might finally see Justin Herbert in the postseason, which is something both the media and fans have been wanting to see. The Colts have really been in the spirit of giving this holiday season, giving up a 33-0 lead last week. Plus Matt Ryan has also played more like Meg Ryan for the Colts at QB, so I like the Bolts chances.

Elsewhere around the NFL, the Bucs took down the Cardinals last night, and you would think Tom Brady would try even harder to impress his new side piece that everyone is talking about. Tua played liked he was drinking spiked eggnog on the sidelines, as the Dolphins lost to the Packers. I think we are all ready for Cowboys v Eagles in the NFC Championship game after watching a great game between them on Saturday. The Raiders have been eliminated from playoff contention. They were eliminated when they hired Josh McDaniels are their head coach.

With College Bowl season upon us, it’s nice to see a final four that doesn’t include Alabama and Clemson. My favorite part about this though is what we’re seeing in the transfer portal. It’s becoming NBA free agency. There are 1900 kids that have entered the portal. Everyone is looking to get paid, and they have an even better chance to do it by attending a California school with the NIL rules. This is just the start too. When the playoff gets to 12 teams, you’re going to see even more talent dispersed through throughout the Top 25 schools. That will increase the parity you’re seeing in College Football, which is exactly what we’ve wanted for ages.

To baseball, where the Dodgers are back in the news after learning that Trevor Bauer was re-instated by the MLB after an independent arbitrator issued the ruling. The Dodgers have 14 days to either release him or add him to the roster. While I realize the Dodgers will probably release him because they feel it’s not a great PR look, they should really consider letting him play. The man served the longest suspension in the history of the sport, so why should he continue to pay the price for his mistake? Should he never be allowed to work again? He’s paid his debt for a crime he wasn’t even accused of. Do you have to like the guy? No. Is he a total douche bag? Sure. However, he’s going to cost the Dodgers $21 million against the tax and they could use the pitching, so why let him walk? Dodger fans want to win. If Bauer helps them win, they won’t care. He’ll also be motivated to go pitch well to secure another big contract and re-establish his value. This probably isn’t how it will go, but that’s how the Dodgers should really be thinking about it.

Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer delivers during a 2021 spring training game against the Colorado Rockies.

Monday Morning Coffee

December 19, 2022

Congratulations to all of us lifelong Argentina soccer fans since like two hours ago. It’s been a lot of trials and tribulations but we finally did. I don’t consider myself a soccer fan, but yesterday’s World Cup Final was spectacular. One of the reasons why we watch sports is to see greatness, and there was no shortage of it yesterday when watching Lionel Messi and
Kylian Mbappé  deliver one spectacular play after another, in one of the most critical games of their careers. I’m so happy for Messi, who capped off a fantastic legacy with that win, and certainly has a case to be the GOAT. Even more impressive is the fact that Argentina won after Drake predicted they would win. That’s an incredible curse to overcome because if Drake predicted the sun was going to rise tomorrow, I’d be convinced the world was going to end.

To the NFL where the Chargers found a way to win a game with their kicker. I don’t remember the last time that ever happened. The Chargers probably don’t either. Justin Herbert made some incredibly clutch throws down the stretch, which makes me think that the Bolts might actually be able to overcome their end of game stupidity with him under center. The Chargers are also looking like a good bet to make the playoffs now as well. Their win vaulted them to the 6th seed in the AFC. The only bad news is that the more the Bolts win, the more likely Brandon Staley will remain their coach.

Elsewhere around the NFL, the Patriots lost to the Raiders on what must be the stupidest play in NFL history. The Commanders got robbed on a pass interference call against the Giants and lost a tough one. Don’t make fun of children who believe in Santa because I still know grown men who believe in the Dallas Cowboys. We’ve reached that awkward moment where Jacoby Brissett might actually be better than DeShaun Watson, who is owed $230 million. The Lions are actually in a playoff spot right now as well. That must mean hell has officially frozen over.

To the NBA, where the Lakers got a win yesterday, but they also got some tough news over the weekend: Anthony Davis is going to be out for at least a month with a foot injury. Just when you thought the Lakers might climb back to .500, they suffer another setback. What will be interesting to see though is if this pushes them to make a trade, or if it pushes them to say it’s going to be a lost season. I still stand by my feeling that this team should rebuild, but the fact Rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss have been trying to sell us a bill of goods and pretending like they are going to make a trade to improve this team is embarrassing. If that’s really true and that’s their intention, they are failing Lebron, AD, and all the fans, because this team has desperately needed a trade for months. The fact it hasn’t happened and now with AD down for a while just shows you the basketball malpractice going on in the front office. Also, don’t try to tell me that Patrick Beverly or Kendrick Nunn are going to bring back anything to help this team. Those two guys wouldn’t bring back a WNBA player right now.

Imagine being a Clippers fan. It must be really difficult for the five of you. I mean if you went to the game against the Suns earlier in the week, they rested everybody because it was a back-to-back game. What a joke. Imagine paying for tickets to watch a bunch of role players play for 48 minutes. If you did, it’s like you paid NBA ticket prices to watch a scrimmage at 24 Hour Fitness. Perhaps if Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and the rest of these divas would grow a pair and play a little more than part time this wouldn’t be an issue.

In baseball, the Dodgers have basically traded Tyler Anderson for Noah Syndergaard, and Justin Turner for JD Martinez. By itself, that doesn’t really make them better. However, their top prospects deserve the chance to show they can make an impact and be good players. I think everyone is discounting that, and because the Dodgers have such a great farm system, they should get the benefit of the doubt there. Would I have loved to have Turner back for another year? Sure, but let’s be honest people……he’s getting older and can’t play everyday. Besides….at least now the Dodgers have Syndergaard and “Gingergaard” in their rotation.

That was really nice win for UCLA hoops over the weekend in New York against Kentucky. The Bruin defense was ferocious. They contested everything, great help defense, didn’t foul, and played the passing lanes extremely well. It had to have been a Mick Cronin dream come true. However, if UCLA wants to have a real chance to win it all in March, they will need the likes of Adam Bona and Amari Bailey to contribute more. Both have great potential, but have had very limited impact lately. That will be something to keep an eye on over the next two months.

Monday Morning Coffee

Congrats to Caleb Williams on winning the Heisman Trophy. It’s well deserved and a great story for the Trojan fans. I’m sure Williams would probably trade the trophy though for a spot in the College Football Playoff. I’m also not so sure about that ugly suit Williams was wearing. Good thing the tags are still on it so he can return it to the Men’s Warehouse.

Nice win by the Chargers last night against the Dolphins. They did it while shorthanded, and by shorthanded, I mean they are playing with a coach that’s an idiot. Justin Herbert was amazing and the Bolts are clinging to the final playoff spot in the AFC. Not bad for a first half team.

As for the Rams, I’m happy for Baker Mayfield that he had a nice moment on Thursday night against the Raiders. I’m not gonna lose my mind like these other media yahoos and suggest he’s their quarterback of the future. With that being said, there is definitely a non-zero chance that Matt Stafford, Aaron Donald, and Sean McVay all retire this offseason. That’s going to be a long rebuild if that’s the case for the Rams, especially without any 1st round picks for a while.

So just like that everybody thinks Brock Purdy is going to be the next Joe Montana huh? I’m telling you, every time the 49ers win the media acts like they won the Super Bowl. Then every time the Cowboys lose or almost lose, the sky is falling. Is it me, or are the Lions actually a decent football team? Hell must have frozen over.

I realize many of you have looked at the Lakers in recent weeks and felt optimistic. I’m still not sold, even after a couple of nice wins. Sure AD is balling, but there is just no margin for error with this team. Yesterday they needed AD and Lebron to go crazy just to beat the Pistons in a close game. This team badly needs a trade, but I’m just not convinced they are going to make the right trade. For all the talk that Russell Westbrook has been a great teammate (and he has) and good sixth man, he’s only shooting 40% from the field, under 30% from 3, and under 70% from the line. That’s not great, but everyone is pretending like it is.

The Clippers have both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard back in the lineup. They are doing ok, but the question is still around Kawhi. Is this just him looking rusty and trying to get his game back? Or is this the Kawhi we can expect moving forward? If the answer is the latter because of all his injuries, the Clippers are toast and all this hype was for nothing. Only time will tell, but Kawhi has missed so much time practicing and playing in games you have to wonder.

I don’t really have an issue with the Dodgers not spending money in free agency like everybody else this year. This team still has a lot of talent, and I think many of you forget that there is some major league ready talent in their system that should make an impact next year. That’s how good the Dodger farm system is. When you have dudes like Cody Bellinger hitting .200 and making $17 million, and even Justin Turner aging, you gotta find a way to get production elsewhere for cheaper. The Dodgers are still a good bet to make the playoffs in 2023, and there will probably be less pressure than when they won 110 games. Whether they do anything in the playoffs is all about their approach, not their talent level. That part unfortunately, I don’t expect to change.

Lastly, congrats to the USMNT for advancing out of the group stage. The Netherlands took them out, and it was largely because the US had too many MLS level defenders with man buns. Nevertheless, this is a young team with a bright future in International play. Even more exciting is the next World Cup will be right here at SOFI stadium.