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January 12th, 2015

Let’s start with some football, and this idea that the Rams are moving back to LA.  We’ve been hearing this crap for years.  We heard the Rams are moving back here.  We heard Chargers are moving back here.  We heard Raiders are moving back here.  These teams have been trying to get a stadium in their current cities for years, yet they still haven’t moved.  Why should this be any different?  I know….I know.  You all think that because Stan Kroenke actually owns part of the land at Hollywood Park, the Rams are actually coming.  It was just a few days ago that the city of St. Louis unveiled their plan for a new $900 million stadium to keep the Rams.  If Kroenke moves the Rams now, it will look like he isn’t negotiating in good faith, which the league won’t be happy about.        I won’t actually believe LA will have a team until I see the kickoff of the first game.  Besides, the league wants LA to have a team more than the people in LA.

As for the divisional games over the weekend, Peyton Manning tried to pass the torch to Andrew Luck yesterday, except it landed at his feet when he tossed it.  Where are all the Colts fans who were bitching a few years ago when they got rid of Peyton in favor of Andrew Luck?  Manning had 152 yards passing yesterday.  Somewhere, Tim Tebow is having a good laugh.  The Colts made the right move, and they aren’t too far away from being in Super Bowl.    Here’s a look at Peyton trying to get into an ice bath after the game…..

In Green Bay, the football gods definitely evened the score with that late call against Dez Bryant and the Cowboys.  There’s no doubt that was a catch.  Bryant held onto that football longer than the Steelers were in the playoffs.  He was simply reaching for the end zone.  Was the call correct?  Probably, but the rule is horse crap and needs to be changed.  I’m sure all the Detroit Lions players were screaming that what we saw was sweet justice, since they got screwed last week.  I guess Jerry Jones Visa Black Card was denied upon further review.  It would have been way more entertaining to see a Cowboys vs Seahawks game next week, instead of a Packers game.  The Packers didn’t look like they had much of a chance the last two times they played Seattle.

In Seattle, not much to say about that Panthers vs Seahawks game.  Seattle dominated, in completely unsurprising fashion.  I could sit here and talk about Marshawn Lynch’s crotch grabbing on Kam Chancellor’s touchdown, but instead, i’ll just remind you how sick Chancellor is…..

The Patriots had to have been a little nervous early on against the Ravens.  Steve Smith had himself a Pina Colada on Revis Island, and Baltimore looked like they were gonna pull off an upset.    However, in the end Tom Brady made clutch plays, and even Julian Edelman proved that he is a better playoff quarterback than Andy Dalton.  Next week Andrew Luck could make it interesting, but I don’t think it’s his time yet, and the Patriots prevail.  Here’s a look at Joe Flacco’s text inbox after yesterday’s game…..

Flacco Text Inbox

How the hell did the US Olympic Committee select Boston over Los Angeles to represent our country during the next international bid?  We could have actually had a very profitable Olympics had LA been chosen for 2024.  We have the existing infrastructure, and don’t need to spend billions of dollars on stadiums and venues.  The Olympics were wildly successful in 1984 in LA, and our freeway system is that much better now.  Of the 11 members of the committee with votes, three went to college in Boston and 2 live there.  Obviously none of them went to Harvard or MIT,   because those morons just chose a city that recently experienced a terrorist attack during a major sporting event.  Boston’s pitch is that all the events will be within walking distance of each other.  Perfect, that way a terrorist can take out the entire Olympics with one bomb.

Let’s talk some hoops.  Last week was the first week in a long time where there was something to get excited about as a Laker fan.  Young, athletic players, developing on the court.  Tarik Black and Jordan Clarkson actually got some playing time and they looked very promising.   In case you haven’t noticed, and apparently the Laker front office hasn’t, LA has no chance of making the playoffs this season.  They should take the opportunity to develop these players, while simultaneously losing games to insure they keep this year’s 1st round pick, and ultimately, speed up the rebuilding process.  Why would Byron Scott insist on playing useless veterans like Carlos Boozer and Jeremy Lin, when they probably won’t even be with the team next season?  Show the fans the future, because we are done living in the past.  By the way, I think Damian Lillard is going to be the next starting point for the US Olympic Team in 2016.  This was just mean…..

Then there’s the Clippers.  Even as I watched them beat up on the Lakers last week, I came to a solid conclusion: the Lakers are closer to winning a championship than the Clippers.  The Lakers are much closer to hitting the bottom and bouncing right back.  The Clipps are consistently inconsistent, and its becoming obvious they won’t be able to win a title as currently constructed.  They need a major move to be a serious contender, and this talk of acquiring Austin Rivers, isn’t exactly what’s going to put them over the top.  Austin being coached by his dad sounds cool, but for a team that is looking to win now, I don’t see how the Clippers are in a situation for him to develop.  I guess that tells you what the Clipps really think of Jordan Farmar.  At least the Clippers have Steve Ballmer’s “dance moves”….

Should we really be excited that the Bruins actually won 2 in a row?  I liked it more when Steve Alford was closer to getting fired.  Cal stinks, although I suppose Stanford is playing decent ball.  Funny how much better the Bruins played once Bryce Alford fouled out.  Maybe his dad should try reducing his minutes, and he might see how much more competitive the team would be?  If the Bruins lose to USC this week it’s going to be downright shameful.  Dan Guerrero should make Steve Alford walk home from downtown LA if that happens.

Let’s go to the ice, where the LA Kings are starting to remind of the Shaq and Kobe Lakers of the early 2000’s.  This team thinks they can just “flip the switch” whenever they want, and start winning games when it matters.  That’s a dangerous way to play in hockey, and they are running the risk of missing the playoffs by doing it.  To make matters worse, the Kings are 0-2 since Jim Fox tweeted pictures of the inside of his butt, Tanner Pearson is going to miss a couple of months with a broken leg, and Tyler Toffoli got mono from making out with too many chicks in LA.  General Manager Dean Lombardi said he’s also operating under the assumption that defenseman Slava Voynov will be cleared of criminal charges and return to the ice this season.  That’s a pretty big gamble to take for a team trying to defend its Stanley Cup Championship, and in danger of missing the playoffs.

Beautiful retirement ceremony last night of Teemu Selanne’s jersey in Anaheim, although it was the longest retirement ceremony I have ever seen.  It was actually a pretty good hockey game as well between Anaheim and Winnipeg.  Wouldn’t it have made more sense though to do the ceremony when the Arizona Coyotes came to town instead of the Winnipeg Jets?  For those of you too young to remember, Selanne played for the Winnipeg Jets until 1996, and then that franchise moved to Phoenix.  The current Winnipeg Jets just moved from Atlanta a few years ago.  In any case, it was good to see Selanne stay throughout the entire ceremony, rather than quit and leave halfway through.

Finally, it would be irresponsible of me to just ignore the terrorist attacks that took place in Paris last week.  Another week of seeing stupid ass comments on regarding how horrible Muslims are.  The only way we are ever going to take real steps toward stopping terrorism is when we stop supporting the dictators that actually fund terrorism, and when those countries do more than just “denounce” the terrorists.  The US no longer even needs to depend on Middle East countries for oil anyway, so maybe we can start doing the right thing, and take steps toward getting rid of these jack asses that are giving Islam a bad name.




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