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September 21, 2020

What a clutch shot by Anthony Davis last night to give the Lakers a 2-0 lead in the West Finals! The Lakers probably didn’t deserve to win that game, but sometimes great players come through, and that’s what Lebron did in the 1st half, followed by AD in the 2nd half. It was also quite fitting that AD made a Kobe like shot while the Lakers were wearing their Mamba jerseys. This Nuggets team is still pretty talented though, and they have been rising from the dead like Jesus Christ. Don’t be surprised if this series ends up going 6 games, even though I still like the Lake Show. Apparently Alex Caruso played like he was pissed off about not getting MVP votes as well. More on that in a moment. Reggie Miller should be suspended for 3 games just for mentioning Kawhi in these Western Conference Finals. AD also looked like prime Ray Lewis when he took out Talen Horton Tucker on that chest bump.

After game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, Lebron said he was “pissed off” that he didn’t win the MVP. He was even pulling out voting results from seven years ago, and pulling out names like Devonte Graham. This guy holds grudges like Donald Trump. As I mentioned before, I would have voted for Lebron because he succeeded under circumstances far more difficult than his peers. I don’t blame people for voting for Giannis because he had a great regular season, and it’s a regular season award, but Lebron is right about the way the media looks at things. These days we typically hear about how the media wants to look at things, as opposed to what they are seeing. That couldn’t be more obvious with the Clipper narrative they tried to shove down our throats for the last year. I don’t have a problem with giving an opinion and it ends up being wrong. I’m wrong all the time. However, don’t double down on your wrong opinion when there is obvious visual and factual evidence that makes your opinion null and void.

You didn’t really think I was going to miss out on the opportunity to slander the Clippers did you? Clearly COVID-19 has not infected the Clipper Curse. Do you realize how clownish you have to be as an NBA team to have other players openly slander your choke job on Twitter? Nice tribute to Kobe Bryant by Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to combine for 24 points in game 7. Doc Rivers is an average coach who managed that series like he was Dave Roberts. Imagine how pissed off everyone in the organization was when Paul George said “this season wasn’t championship or bust.”? Steve Ballmer is probably going to gentrify all of Palmdale after that comment. Then you have to love the excuse that they were tired and out of shape, even though they were load managing all season. Or the fact they need more time to build chemistry, when it just so happens the Lakers incorporated 7 new players and have had beautiful chemistry all year. Don’t even try to tell me the Clippers are real contenders again because these clowns prefer chicken wings over championship rings. The media jokers that tried to spin this narrative all season deserve just as much slander, and shouldn’t even be allowed to watch the playoffs on TV for the rest of the season as punishment. Here’s another look at “Pandemic P”.

So far the demise of the Rams has been greatly exaggerated. Everyone in the NFL is complaining about the fact there was no preseason, except Sean McVay never plays any of his starters in the preseason anyway, so it’s been business as usual. The offense looked a lot like it was 2018. Reminder that Jared Goff is actually a pretty good quarterback when you give him time to throw. You’ve gotta love the digital booing of Carson Wentz after he threw that interception in the endzone. Did Robert Woods and Nickell Robey-Coleman not get along as teammates? That was a USC on USC crime when Robey-Coleman lowered his head on Woods and got a penalty. The league is doing the Rams no favors sending them east twice in the next three weeks, but they have a good chance to be 4-1 by the time they hit their showdown with the 49ers on Sunday Night Football.

Meanwhile, the Chargers managed to lose a close game? Since when? Of course the Bolts lost to Kansas City in OT. Not a great move to not go for it in OT and give Patrick Mahomes the ball back with an opportunity to win it. Injuries were so bad around the NFL this week that even Tyrod Taylor got hurt in warm ups. The Bolts must have felt even better about this home game because there were no fans in the stands compared to lasts season with all opposing fans in the stands. Leave it to the Chargers to have louder artificial crowd noise than real crowd noise when their fans are really in the stands. Justin Herbert did look good in his debut though, and I don’t see how you can go back to Tyrod Taylor after that since Herbert is the future. Anthony Lynn said Taylor is the starter if he’s healthy. Something tells me Lynn might be questioning his health for the next 14 weeks or so.

Elsewhere around the NFL, the entire league has been placed on IR after all the injuries that occurred this week. Russell Wilson is a video game cheat code, throwing 5 TD’s on the Pats. His team also has no offensive or defensive line. Death, taxes, and the Falcons blowing leads. Makes sense though because Charles Barkley bet on them. The Lions surrendered their 14-3 lead against the Packers in no time, and now it looks like they should be tanking. Tom Brady might not be washed up afterall. The good news for the Vikings is that no fans were in the building for the first two weeks to see their abysmal play. Kirk Cousins had the same passer rating as me at the end of the third quarter yesterday. Bills Mafia was probably jumping off tables in their kitchen after their team started 2-0 with a win over the Dolphins. Only the Jets would allow a 1st down on 3rd and 31.

Weird how the Pac 12 claims they are now ready to play football isn’t it? I mean it was only two weeks ago that they were saying liability was a problem, as was testing. I guess it took the embarrassment of the Big 10 actually changing their mind and saying they would play, along with Governor Newsom saying there was nothing preventing USC and UCLA from coming back to play if they wanted. If the Pac 12 can’t get their crap together and play at the same time as the other Power 5 conferences, they are going to look like buffoons compared to every one else. No serious elite athletes would ever attend a Pac 12 school again, since sports seemingly aren’t a priority for them. Pac 12 teams have been dropped from the AP Football rankings like 3rd period French since the season started. I feel terrible for the athletes, especially at USC and UCLA, who have had to put up with this incompetent leadership.

The Dodgers have stabilized things for now, and are closing in on another division title. However, Dodger fans should be more nervous than a mosquito in an AIDS clinic right now. Their starting pitching is looking less and less dominant by the day, the bullpen is wearing down, Kenley Jansen is a human hire-wire act, and Cody Bellinger and Max Muncy have been hitting like little leaguers. Take all that and combine it with Dave Roberts and Andrew Friedman’s playoff mismanagement, and suddenly I feel like I’ll be needing to make an appointment with a therapist after another October disappointment. Thank god for Mookie Betts, but this man can’t do everything. Get ready for a stressful next few weeks.

As for the Angels, don’t dismiss their playoff chances just yet with 6 games left. They have blown their chance for the top draft pick it looked like they were going to get. Since they’ve got the jerseys on for the next week, they might as well go for it, even if the odds are slim. However, Arte Moreno is doing himself no favors right now when it comes to public perception. He just came out last week and said “it’s very necessary” to vote for Donald Trump in the next election. While I believe who you vote for is your own business on election day, Arte should be aware that he’s becoming more and more hated in OC each day because the Angels stink, and he seems like a guy who just meddles in his team’s operations. Now probably isn’t the time to become more polarizing by spewing out your political beliefs for everyone to cast further judgement on you. Plus, I can just see Trump coming out and saying “The Angels are a great team.”. Then CNN’s Daniel Dale would probably fact check Trump saying “he called the Angels a great team which is totally off-base. They’ve been garbage for 10 years.”

Angels owner Arte Moreno says it's 'very necessary' to vote for Trump

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