Lakers Waive Duhon


June 29th, 2013

Let the Chris Duhon sweepstakes begin!  The Lakers waived point guard Chris Duhon today, after playing just one season for the team.  The 30 year old, 8 year veteran from Duke, was owed $3.5 million, however, LA had the option of buying him out for $1.5 million, which they took advantage of .

Duhon was acquired in the Dwight Howard trade from Orlando last August, and played in 46 games for the Lakers this year, while starting 9 of them.  I’ve always been amazed that Duhon has managed to average about 4 points and 2 assists since the 6th grade, yet he still has a professional basketball career.  In fact, over the course of his entire career he’s made more than $31 million!

I must say however, that I am extremely disappointed that we didn’t see the dance moves on the bench that he showed while he was in Orlando.  It’s no wonder the Lakers let him go.

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