Monday Morning Coffee

January 16, 2023

I’m sure you’re all wondering whether or not Brandon Staley should be executed or fired after Saturday nights playoff collapse. The sad part is, once the Chargers went up 27-0, you knew it was a possibility given that we’re talking about the Chargers here. Justin Herbert deserves so much better than this. Of course if Cameron Dicker makes that easy field goal, we aren’t talking about any of this. However, it never should have come down to that. Also, Joey Bosa has the IQ of a donkey for throwing his helmet and getting that unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. When you’re up 27-0, it’s simply about game management, and that’s all on Staley. Now the Chargers have no choice but to hire Sean Payton if they want to keep any sense of credibility in LA. He wants them, but the Spanos family usually keep a tight wallet with these kinds of things. We’ll see if that changes.

Elsewhere around Wild Card Weekend, Mike McDaniel was ripping vapes on the sideline, which might explain why the Dolphins couldn’t get plays in on time in their loss to the Bills. Brock Purdy is now the NFL’s version of Linsanity, as the 49ers took down the Seahawks. If I told you Kirk Cousins and the Vikings were going to Cancun instead of the divisional round, you would have said that’s as predictable as the sun rising. Congrats to the Giants on a remarkable turnaround. The Bengals need a miracle defensive play To beat the Ravens, but Joe Burrow wasn’t worried because either way he gets to show off his cool wardrobe after the game. The Cowboys have to nervous as hell tonight against Tom Brady since they’ve never beaten him.

The Rams got some good news over the weekend. Sean McVay is coming back. He’s also in the process of revamping his coaching staff. You can be sure that he is going to get Matt Stafford and Aaron Donald back. Keep in mind, the NFC is weak. Les Snead can get creative to open some cap space to get some help on the o-line, and a little better health and they could easily be back in the mix.

To the NBA where the Lakers frustration continues. They suffered another pair of tough late game losses to the Mavs and Sixers the past few weeks. It’s ok though, at least they had fun right? Well at least Russ thinks so. I’m Sorry if you weren’t familiar with this team’s game. They are actually frauds. Last night is just another example of why Russ is a terrible fit. He plays hard, but his late-game decision making is horrible. I also blame Darwin Ham for not realizing this, and the same goes for Rob Pelinka for still keeping him on the roster. Unfortunately, it’s sad the none of them seem to see it this way, and won’t before it’s too late. This isn’t just an Anthony Davis health issue.

Speaking of health, the Clippers may have won yesterday, but they still have their issues. Ty Lue has no idea who is going to be available to him everyday. It’s hard to build a winner when that happens. I also can’t understand why a player can be available on Saturday but not on Friday. If I were Ty Lue i would want answers or I would want to resign.

UCLA got another couple of nice wins over the weekend. This time they took down Utah and Colorado. They have been rallying against such motivated competition, and not necessarily at the top of their game. However, the way they won on Saturday makes you wonder if they can keep this streak going for a lot longer. The biggest game changer has been Adam Bona, who has been a beast in the paint. When the season started he was just raw athleticism, but now he’s a more polished force at both ends f the floor.

The LA Kings are pretty good again, but their goaltending is raising questions. Jonathan Quick isn’t the same Quick that won’t two Stanley Cups, and right now the guy is Phoenix Copley is the man in net for now. The problem is Copley is 30 years old, and he’s just the hot goalie now. How long that lasts is seriously in question. Still, while some of you want to write off Quick and send him to a desert island, he is still better than you think. He looks like a guy who isn’t playing well due to rust and lack of confidence, rather than a deteriorating skill set. You haven’t heard the last of Quick with the Kings. He’s too competitive and too proud for that to happen.

Finally, stop freaking out about the Dodgers people. They are going to be fine. I know you’re all used to having a stacked lineup that costs about $300 mill. However, they have real talent in their farm system, that will make an impact. Their success will be dependent on their flexibility and approach in the postseason. It’s that part you should be concerned about. Not the talent.

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