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NBA news: League considering 70-game season as part of July restart

June 22, 2020

The NBA is getting closer to coming back. However, there’s a lot of health and safety obstacles to overcome. Coronavirus cases are spiking in Florida, but that’s exactly where the NBA’s bubble will take place. If anybody can pull this off, it’s the NBA, because the personnel numbers are smaller than any other sport. However, it’s going to take discipline that I don’t think everybody is going to have. I assure you that there’s going to be players that try to bring in women into the bubble to satisfy their social agendas. That move could compromise the health and safety of the whole bubble. I also can’t wait to see how this health and safety protocol hotline works out. I’m sure Lebron will be reporting that Giannis and Kawhi aren’t following safety protocols while playing doubles ping pong. Meanwhile, Kyrie Irving floated the idea of the players start heir own league in the spirit of racial injustice being a central issue for this country. Who voted for this dude as an NBA PA leader? Forget earth, I think it’s really Kyrie’s brain that is flat. This is why NBA players need to stay in school longer.

Another week has gone by and baseball still doesn’t have a new labor deal. This disaster is squarely on the shoulders of Rob Manfred. This guy needs to step up and force both sides to get a deal done, but hard to believe this buffoon could make that happen. His legacy currently includes the existing CBA disaster, the sign stealing scandal, killing the minor leagues, shortening the draft, a juice balls controversy, calling the World Series trophy a “piece of metal”, and the Dodger TV blackout. Other than that he’s doing great! Manfred is the guy who tries to negotiate at a garage sale and ends up paying a higher price than what the item was marked at. And you expect the guy to negotiate a deal between the players and owners? This dude said he was 100% sure a season was going to happen a week ago. Tell these idiots on both sides to stop negotiating in public and maybe there’s a chance.

Ok fine, I’ll play along and pretend like the Dodgers are going to play some kind of a season this year. Everybody wants to tell us that the Dodgers are arguably the best team in the baseball on paper. Too bad they don’t play on paper, and they don’t give paper championship trophies. A season that is only 48 or even 60-70 games gives everybody a chance. That actually reduces that Dodgers chances of winning a World Series. Plus, Andrew Friedman’s computer usually doesn’t finish it’s software update until about game 60 anyway, so the Dodgers might really be screwed.

As for the Angels, if there’s a season that’s gotta be great news. The Halos haven’t been in first place this late in the season since the Titanic sank. If there’s 16 teams in the playoffs, all you have to do is go about .500 to make it. I think even the Angels are capable of that with a new manager in Joe Maddon, Anthony Rendon at 3rd base, and a healthy Shohei Ohtani at the front of their rotation. Arte Moreno shouldn’t be able to screw this one up too bad.

I told you weeks ago to keep an eye on the Chip Kelly situation at UCLA. Now the noise is growing louder. Last week, 30 players signed a document in favor of having a 3rd party evaluator determine health and safety protocols and protect them from injustice from the oaching staff. The story and the document are pretty damning, considering there are quotes from players saying they don’t trust Kelly and his coaching staff. There’s also quotes suggesting that Kelly and his coaching staff do not relate to the African American men on the team. Chip Kelly is like the kid that peaked in high school, and then became a loser in real life after that. The guy can no longer be a head football coach in college or the NFL. It’s over, and it’s getting worse by the day. I’m all for not having a knee jerk reaction to things, but it’s obvious he doesn’t care about his job, and now you have the questions about how he feels about black players on top of that.

Finally, the NFL is totally delusional. Every sport is doing everything they can from a health and safety protocol standpoint to try and have a season. Meanwhile, the NFL is pretending like it’s 2019, and preparing for business as usual. Now all of a sudden, everybody in their league is testing positive for COVID, and they are scrambling to shut down everybody’s facilities. Zeke Elliott test positive for COVID. That’s as surprising as knowing that Tara Reid got drunk and sloppy at happy hour. These guys are crazy to think they are going to be able to have fans in attendance at their games. Even Sean McVay has no idea how his players are supposed to be social distancing, yet playing football at the same time. These sports leagues aren’t built to be shutdown for a while. The revenue losses and impact to the leagues will be devastating. For that reason, they need to try and have a season. But to pretend like they can proceed like business is usual is foolish. Kyrie Irving must be running the NFL.

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