Monday Morning Coffee


March 23, 2020

Those of us who are smart are currently practicing social distancing. Meanwhile, the Rams are practicing financial distancing from Todd Gurley, after cutting him last week. This was way too premature. Gurley might not be what he was two years ago, but he’s still better than the options the Rams have at running back. This move just goes to show you that the relationship between Gurley and Sean McVay had deteriorated to its breaking point. While I admire Les Snead for going all-in to get the Rams to the Super Bowl in 2019, his long-term management of the cap and draft capital hasn’t been good. In the NFL, you don’t pay people before you need to, and the Rams did that with Gurley, Cooks, and even Goff. With no 1st round pick this year or next, the best this team can hope for is a big improvement from Jared Goff, catching lightning in a bottle with Darrell Henderson, and Sean McVay regaining his magic. Unfortunately, this team is likely going to be last in the NFC West. At least you have a new stadium to enjoy!

As for the Chargers, their off-season is actually going better than most people think. Losing out on the Tom Brady sweepstakes is actually a good thing. Now they can finally go draft a quarterback. They need one worse than most people need toilet paper right now. In the meantime, Tyrod Taylor is a good enough quarterback to keep them competitive this year, especially with an improved offensive line, and a very solid secondary. In the NFL, the less sexy your off-season looks on paper, more often than not, the better off your team is going to be. With a solid draft, this team may very well be able to sneak into the playoffs next year. Whether or not anybody will go their games though is a different story.

Elsewhere around the NFL, of course Tom Brady is going to play in Florida next year. It’s what old people from New England do. Philip Rivers signed with the Colts, which instantly makes Indianapolis the 3rd largest city in America. Then again, with gatherings limited to less than 10 people these days, Rivers might have to give up one of his kids for adoption. Bill O’Brien’s work from home stint is off to a bad start. He traded DeAndre Hopkins, and couldn’t even get a bottle of expired hand sanitizer and a pack of toilet paper in return. I’m sure he’ll be trading J.J. Watt for Mitch Trubisky and a deep dish pizza this week. Thank God for NFL Free agency right now to keep us entertained!

The NBA badly needs to come back. Nene is making low budget porns and Jamaal Murray is getting head on IG. This global pandemic needs to end ASAP. If we are lucky to get the Association back this year, these guys will probably need some sort of a mini training camp to play again. Unless you are a superstar player with a workout facility in your house, you are probably at your pad slamming Doritos and playing video games. It’s going to be a problem with so many guys out of shape, but at this stage I’d consider it a quality problem to have. In case you missed out on Nene’s low budget porn here it is….

People, what part of “stay home” and “social distancing” do you not understand? I thought it was only people in Florida who were idiots? Just because the sun came out doesn’t mean you can go to the beach. This is a serious global pandemic, and many morons were out at the beach this weekend like everything was cool. Some people were even playing basketball in Laguna, Newport, and Venice Beach. Apparently some of you need to get really sick, or see your loved ones get hospitalized to take this seriously. Look at these idiots…

Finally, another eventful episode of The Walking Dead went down last night on AMC. Spoiler alert so read no further if you plan on watching it later. I did not see this episode coming at all, as we lost another significant character. This time it’s Michonne, who is bidding us a farewell. I at least like the fact that she didn’t die in the episode, and that they are setting the stage for an appearance from her in the The Walking Dead movie. However, I still can’t really buy into the idea that she is just going to leave her daughter behind to go find Rick, and that her daughter is perfectly ok with it. I thought the alternate reality she was experiencing made it an interesting episode, but not one that I would have pictured for her last episode. She was an excellent character overall, but the sad part is you can see an expiration date in sight for this entire show given all the characters they are losing. Only 3 episodes left this season!

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