Monday Morning Coffee

March 4, 2019

It’s bad Laker fans. The playoffs aren’t happening anymore. It’s so bad, that the fans are hitting more shots at halftime than many players are during the games. 19 games aren’t enough time to make up a 4.5 game deficit. However, don’t try to tell me Lebron is too old. His numbers are in line with his career averages, and he’s got the highest PER in the league. Don’t also try to tell me that the young players suck, because Brandon Ingram looks one of the best young players in the league. Luke Walton’s lineups might have some issues, but this is ultimately flawed roster construction on the part of the front office, and Lebron because he signed off on most of these veteran clowns. Now it feels like the odds of signing a big time free agent this summer are worse than the odds of winning the Power Ball. At least we can try to enjoy some of the humor coming out of this.

Stephen A. Smith on the Lakers and Lebron James 🗣🏀😂— Cool Slim (@Ayye_pap) March 3, 2019

I’ll give the Clippers credit for playing hard every night and pushing for the playoffs. However, they are still the Clippers, and can’t get out of their own way when it comes to embarrassing themselves one way or another. The latest example of this is when Ralph Lawler and Don MacLean mocked Robert “Tractor” Traylor the other night, suggesting he is playing in the YMCA. For those you too young to remember this, Traylor died in 2011. Slightly insensitive, and even though Ralph Lawler apologized for it, if this happened with another franchise that people gave a damn about it would make far more headlines.

I’m not terribly upset that the Dodgers didn’t sign Bryce Harper to a ridiculous 13-year deal that he signed with the Phillies. Frankly, even the $180 million they offered him for 4 years was ridiculous enough for a guy who hit .240. What does kill me though is the fact the Dodgers gave away Yasiel Puig and Matt Kemp for nothing. That’s 40 home runs at a great value they gave away and got nothing in return for. At this point if there is one thing the Dodgers need it’s an elite starter. Corey Kluber should have been that guy, but instead Friedman was content to do little to improve the team.

The Angels don’t have many options for a new stadium. They can’t move to LA County, and it’s hard to imagine them getting a new stadium in a place like Tustin or Irvine. That’s why this story about them looking into a new stadium in Long Beach made headlines last week. A waterfront stadium would be interesting and could be the 2nd coming of AT&T Park, one of the most beautiful stadiums in the country. However, the traffic is going to be hell, there’s not a chance the taxpayers would pay for it, and the Halos really belong in Anaheim. Ultimately, this is just to create more leverage with the city to make improvements to Anaheim Stadium.

UCLA beat USC on the basketball court last week. And barely. Should we be excited? Should we throw a parade in Westwood? It’s gotten so pathetic that UCLA gymnastics is suddenly the profile sport at the school. Every time this team plays it makes me think that there chance of landing an elite coach gets further damaged. However, the Pac-12 is so awful, I would not be shocked at all if the Bruins won the Pac-12 tournament. The winner of that tournament should be the only one in the conference that plays in field of 68.

Another episode of The Walking Dead went down on AMC last night and it was pretty solid. Henry is such a fool. I can’t say I would have been terribly heartbroken had he been killed by the Whisperers. However, it was pretty amusing seeing his reaction to Alpha killing two people. Apparently when you interview for a spot in the Whisperer’s camp, if you can custom fit masks out of human flesh you’re in. If I were Negan, I wouldn’t want to leave my cell either after seeing Beta and Alpha in action. Alpha passed some dude his wife’s head like she was passing the potatoes at dinner. Judith totally just dropped the mic on her mom, by telling Michonne that she changed. I can’t wait for Carol to find out about Alpha and take her on. That’s going to be one gigantic clash of the titans. I’m also looking forward to the epic showdown between Daryl and Beta next week.

Finally, The Bachelor is back on ABC tonight and we’re down to just 3 girls for Colton. I still can’t believe some of you really thought Cassie was going home last week. You can’t hate on his choices though. He wants someone to push him out of his comfort zone, and Caelynn just took him to get ice cream. I still think Caelynn was a better choice than Tayshia though. This must be your first time watching the show if you fell for that. Colton just jumped out a plane that was 13,000 feet in the air, but we’re all more excited to see him jump over an 8 foot fence. It is so incredibly awkward and such an eye rolling moment seeing Colton ask four different fathers for permission to marry their daughters, and try to explain that he’s falling in love with each of them. You know it’s sad when Hannah rapping is the most personality she’s ever shown. I still like Cassie to win the whole thing, but looking forward to seeing the finale.

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  1. AK

    The difference between the Lakers and Clippers right now is the Front Office. If you objectively evaluate the talent on both teams, the Lakers have the advantage. However, the seasoned FO for the Clippers (Lawrence Frank and Jerry West) have carefully re-made this team, while maintaining long term flexibility and acquiring assets. Unlike their Staples Center co-tenants, the Clippers have created an identity and brought in players that fit the mold and buy into the cause. They are a hard nosed team that will make up for their lack of skill with tenacity and fight on every possession. Look no further than ex-Laker Zubac’s recent comments about the difference between the two teams as proof (less said about Lebron and Lakers attempts at defense the better).

    Of course this was all largely predictable when the very green FO of the Lakers decided to surround Lebron with high character guys on one year deals like Lance, Beasley, Rondo and McGee. It was inevitable that it would fall apart at some point. Did Lebron’s injury help? Yes, but so did the FO publicly auctioning off its young players, failing to trade them, then publicly criticizing them for allowing the trade talk to affect them. If I’m a big time free agent, do I really want to be part of that circus? Maybe Durant’s comments in the off season had some validity….

    There also has to be some concern going forward that an aging superstar with his milage will start to break down a little. This was the most serious injury of Lebron’s career. Lakers need not look back any further than to how Kobe’s career fizzled out off a string of injuries.

    Ultimately the Lakers will (unrightfully) fire Walton, because someone needs to be the scapegoat. Most of the one year veterans will be gone and the FO will parade around the same assets that the Pelicans(!) didn’t want plus a lottery pick in teens, in hopes someone will be bite. Or they’ll pray that some other free agent doesn’t care about winning a title is down to come kick it and drink wine with Lebron in LA.

    Since the odds of signing a free agent and winning the powerball are about the same. What are the odds that the Lakers get ZION? All I’m saying is that there’s a chance…..


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