Jerry West Joins Clippers

June 14, 2017

Jerry West is joining the Clippers as a consultant.  West informed the media that he is leaving the Golden State Warriors to take on a similar role with the Clippers.

“Sometimes you need to be challenged. I’ve kind of been defiant my whole life, the way I was raised, and I think this is like the defiant streak in me. I don’t know,” West said.

The move was first reported by Sports Illustrated, and the Clippers’ interest in West was first reported  nearly two weeks ago by ESPN’s Marc Stein.

The move is huge for the Clippers, who will leverage West’s expertise as part of their strategy to retain their key free agents Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and JJ Redick.

The move is somewhat awkward for West’s former team, the Lakers, who he desired to return to.  However, West’s vision reportedly didn’t fit with what the Lakers were looking to do according to NBA sources.

Although he was a Hall of Fame player with the Lakers, West is also considered one of the greatest NBA executives in the history of the game.

He served as General Manager of the Lakers from 1982-2002, and was the architect of six championship teams.  They included the Showtime Laker Championship Teams in ’85, ’87, ’88.  As well as the Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant Championship teams of 2000, 2001, and 2002.  West later helped the Memphis Grizzlies become a playoff team, and is widely cited for his role in advising the Warriors over the last few years in building their championship team.

Speaking of the Lakers, they may have some concern that Jerry may now try to lure his son, Ryan, away from the Lakers to join the Clipper front office.  Ryan is currently the Lakers assistant General Manager.

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