Should We Boo Matt Kemp?


May 30th, 2013

For about a week now, all I’ve heard is how upset Matt Kemp is that he is being booed by Dodger fans.  I’ve also heard Dodger fans being criticized for how terrible they are for not being supportive of their star player.  I’m here to tell you that as a fan, you have every damn right to boo your brains out with the way he is playing!

We’ve played two months of the season, and Kemp has 2 home runs, and 17 runs batted in.  That means he is on pace for exactly 6 home runs and 54 runs batted in for the entire season!  He’s already struck out 60 times in 51 games.   The Dodgers have no chance of succeeding with their best player playing like dog shit, and everyone knows this.

As a paying customer, it is my every right to let my voice be heard.  That means sending a message to Matt Kemp and the Dodger organization that he needs to play better, and that is done by booing.  How many times does Kemp expect to come up to the plate with runners in scoring position and strikeout while the fans continue to support him?  Each and every one of Kemp’s at bats is getting as painful to watch as a kick in the balls for Dodger fans.

Professional athletes need to treat boos as motivation to pull their heads out and start performing. This isn’t personal for Kemp, or any other athlete that is getting booed.  Everyone knows that Matt Kemp is a great guy, and he’s doing everything he can.  It also has nothing to do with the fact Kemp is making $20 million a year either.  It’s clear that he isn’t physically or mentally prepared to play ball right now, and Don Mattingly and Ned Colletti need to sit him down until he’s ready.

Nobody expects Matt Kemp to be at his best all the time.  Every player is going to have good days and bad days.  However, every fan expects him to perform far better than he has.  Kemp said “I’m taking a beating from the fans”, and that it’s “shocking”.  Dude, you’re taking a beating every time you’re in the batters box.  The fans aren’t against you Matt, but we all expect you to perform better, and you need to know that.  We aren’t spending our hard earned money to see you strikeout 4 times a night.  Get it together Kemp, and tell your friend Andre Ethier to do the same, or else the fans voice will continue to be heard.


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