Shutting Down The Sharks

Quick Wall


May 24th, 2013

Jonathan Quick and the Kings answered the bell.  I can’t believe some people suggested the Kings should start Bernier in the playoffs, or even trade Quick when he was struggling to find his game earlier in this season.  Quick should never be doubted again!

The Sharks have tried to get Quick off his game by bumping into him, and forcing him to complain to the officials.  In game 5, the Sharks continued to do that, but the difference was that Quick didn’t let it rattle him, and just responded with save after save.  He even flashed a few smiles at some of the Sharks players after making some stellar saves.  Almost reminded me of the former Kings killer Patrick Roy in the 1993 Finals.

Anze Kopitar also came to play as well, and just when I think the guy is about to disappear like hodini, he shows up when you need him more than ever at both ends of the ice.  Daryl Sutter must have beat the crap out of these guys the last few days because Carter, Richards, and Brown were very good as well.

The good news is that the Kings are up 3-2, and are only 1 win away from advancing to the Western Conference Finals for the 2nd straight season.  The bad news is that they have to play game 6 in San Jose, where they’ve had about as much luck as I had playing the Powerball last week.  In some ways, the Kings are probably due for a win on the road, but that also means they might be due for a loss at home after 13 straight wins.  In that case, the Kings better close it out on Sunday!

What happened to Jim Fox’s hair?  I’m too afraid to ask.  And what the hell has happened to the Chicago Blackhawks?  They are letting a team that is half as talented as them completely dominate them.




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