Monday Morning Coffee

December 19, 2022

Congratulations to all of us lifelong Argentina soccer fans since like two hours ago. It’s been a lot of trials and tribulations but we finally did. I don’t consider myself a soccer fan, but yesterday’s World Cup Final was spectacular. One of the reasons why we watch sports is to see greatness, and there was no shortage of it yesterday when watching Lionel Messi and
Kylian Mbappé  deliver one spectacular play after another, in one of the most critical games of their careers. I’m so happy for Messi, who capped off a fantastic legacy with that win, and certainly has a case to be the GOAT. Even more impressive is the fact that Argentina won after Drake predicted they would win. That’s an incredible curse to overcome because if Drake predicted the sun was going to rise tomorrow, I’d be convinced the world was going to end.

To the NFL where the Chargers found a way to win a game with their kicker. I don’t remember the last time that ever happened. The Chargers probably don’t either. Justin Herbert made some incredibly clutch throws down the stretch, which makes me think that the Bolts might actually be able to overcome their end of game stupidity with him under center. The Chargers are also looking like a good bet to make the playoffs now as well. Their win vaulted them to the 6th seed in the AFC. The only bad news is that the more the Bolts win, the more likely Brandon Staley will remain their coach.

Elsewhere around the NFL, the Patriots lost to the Raiders on what must be the stupidest play in NFL history. The Commanders got robbed on a pass interference call against the Giants and lost a tough one. Don’t make fun of children who believe in Santa because I still know grown men who believe in the Dallas Cowboys. We’ve reached that awkward moment where Jacoby Brissett might actually be better than DeShaun Watson, who is owed $230 million. The Lions are actually in a playoff spot right now as well. That must mean hell has officially frozen over.

To the NBA, where the Lakers got a win yesterday, but they also got some tough news over the weekend: Anthony Davis is going to be out for at least a month with a foot injury. Just when you thought the Lakers might climb back to .500, they suffer another setback. What will be interesting to see though is if this pushes them to make a trade, or if it pushes them to say it’s going to be a lost season. I still stand by my feeling that this team should rebuild, but the fact Rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss have been trying to sell us a bill of goods and pretending like they are going to make a trade to improve this team is embarrassing. If that’s really true and that’s their intention, they are failing Lebron, AD, and all the fans, because this team has desperately needed a trade for months. The fact it hasn’t happened and now with AD down for a while just shows you the basketball malpractice going on in the front office. Also, don’t try to tell me that Patrick Beverly or Kendrick Nunn are going to bring back anything to help this team. Those two guys wouldn’t bring back a WNBA player right now.

Imagine being a Clippers fan. It must be really difficult for the five of you. I mean if you went to the game against the Suns earlier in the week, they rested everybody because it was a back-to-back game. What a joke. Imagine paying for tickets to watch a bunch of role players play for 48 minutes. If you did, it’s like you paid NBA ticket prices to watch a scrimmage at 24 Hour Fitness. Perhaps if Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and the rest of these divas would grow a pair and play a little more than part time this wouldn’t be an issue.

In baseball, the Dodgers have basically traded Tyler Anderson for Noah Syndergaard, and Justin Turner for JD Martinez. By itself, that doesn’t really make them better. However, their top prospects deserve the chance to show they can make an impact and be good players. I think everyone is discounting that, and because the Dodgers have such a great farm system, they should get the benefit of the doubt there. Would I have loved to have Turner back for another year? Sure, but let’s be honest people……he’s getting older and can’t play everyday. Besides….at least now the Dodgers have Syndergaard and “Gingergaard” in their rotation.

That was really nice win for UCLA hoops over the weekend in New York against Kentucky. The Bruin defense was ferocious. They contested everything, great help defense, didn’t foul, and played the passing lanes extremely well. It had to have been a Mick Cronin dream come true. However, if UCLA wants to have a real chance to win it all in March, they will need the likes of Adam Bona and Amari Bailey to contribute more. Both have great potential, but have had very limited impact lately. That will be something to keep an eye on over the next two months.

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