Monday Morning Coffee

Congrats to Caleb Williams on winning the Heisman Trophy. It’s well deserved and a great story for the Trojan fans. I’m sure Williams would probably trade the trophy though for a spot in the College Football Playoff. I’m also not so sure about that ugly suit Williams was wearing. Good thing the tags are still on it so he can return it to the Men’s Warehouse.

Nice win by the Chargers last night against the Dolphins. They did it while shorthanded, and by shorthanded, I mean they are playing with a coach that’s an idiot. Justin Herbert was amazing and the Bolts are clinging to the final playoff spot in the AFC. Not bad for a first half team.

As for the Rams, I’m happy for Baker Mayfield that he had a nice moment on Thursday night against the Raiders. I’m not gonna lose my mind like these other media yahoos and suggest he’s their quarterback of the future. With that being said, there is definitely a non-zero chance that Matt Stafford, Aaron Donald, and Sean McVay all retire this offseason. That’s going to be a long rebuild if that’s the case for the Rams, especially without any 1st round picks for a while.

So just like that everybody thinks Brock Purdy is going to be the next Joe Montana huh? I’m telling you, every time the 49ers win the media acts like they won the Super Bowl. Then every time the Cowboys lose or almost lose, the sky is falling. Is it me, or are the Lions actually a decent football team? Hell must have frozen over.

I realize many of you have looked at the Lakers in recent weeks and felt optimistic. I’m still not sold, even after a couple of nice wins. Sure AD is balling, but there is just no margin for error with this team. Yesterday they needed AD and Lebron to go crazy just to beat the Pistons in a close game. This team badly needs a trade, but I’m just not convinced they are going to make the right trade. For all the talk that Russell Westbrook has been a great teammate (and he has) and good sixth man, he’s only shooting 40% from the field, under 30% from 3, and under 70% from the line. That’s not great, but everyone is pretending like it is.

The Clippers have both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard back in the lineup. They are doing ok, but the question is still around Kawhi. Is this just him looking rusty and trying to get his game back? Or is this the Kawhi we can expect moving forward? If the answer is the latter because of all his injuries, the Clippers are toast and all this hype was for nothing. Only time will tell, but Kawhi has missed so much time practicing and playing in games you have to wonder.

I don’t really have an issue with the Dodgers not spending money in free agency like everybody else this year. This team still has a lot of talent, and I think many of you forget that there is some major league ready talent in their system that should make an impact next year. That’s how good the Dodger farm system is. When you have dudes like Cody Bellinger hitting .200 and making $17 million, and even Justin Turner aging, you gotta find a way to get production elsewhere for cheaper. The Dodgers are still a good bet to make the playoffs in 2023, and there will probably be less pressure than when they won 110 games. Whether they do anything in the playoffs is all about their approach, not their talent level. That part unfortunately, I don’t expect to change.

Lastly, congrats to the USMNT for advancing out of the group stage. The Netherlands took them out, and it was largely because the US had too many MLS level defenders with man buns. Nevertheless, this is a young team with a bright future in International play. Even more exciting is the next World Cup will be right here at SOFI stadium.

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