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Monday Morning Coffee


July 27th, 2015

It’s that time of year where sports fans have to try things like going outside to actually entertain themselves.  Fortunately, Shaquille O’Neal has given us something to talk about.  He sparked a debate on social media last week between himself and Scottie Pippen, claiming that a Lakers all-time team of himself, Kareem, Kobe, and Elgin Baylor, and Magic would destroy a Bulls team of D-Rose, MJ, Scottie, Rodman, and Horace Grant.  Shaq claimed the Lakers would win by 50, which obviously Pippen disagreed with.  Ok fine, I’ll play along Shaq.  I think the Lakers win a close one, but there are some awkward match ups.  Magic would have a major size advantage on Rose, although, he might not have the easiest time defending him.  MJ has the slightest of edges on Kobe, which is canceled out by Baylor’s slight edge on Pippen.  I’m not really sure how Grant and Rodman can guard Shaq and Kareem, but then again, how do those two play together?  Shaq should have put Kobe at the 3 and Jerry West instead of Baylor, but that just goes to show you how many great players have played for the Lakers.  They would have Elgin Baylor and Wilt Chamberlain coming off the bench!  We’re talking about 4 of the top 10 players in NBA history on the floor together.  That volume of talent alone makes me want to give LA the nod over Chicago.  I think NBA 2K is the only way to settle this.

Speaking of the Lakers, it never surprises me how people constantly criticize Kobe as a teammate.  A few weeks ago, everyone was all over Kobe’s ass for not having a solid recruiting pitch to big time free agents like LaMarcus Aldridge.  Some of you actually thought Kobe should just shut his mouth so he didn’t risk giving off any kind of bad impression.  Just a few weeks later, Kobe gets three new teammates in Brandon Bass, Roy Hibbert, and Lou Williams, and those same people are criticizing Kobe for not reaching out to them.  So is he supposed to speak or not at all? This is more confusing than Caitlyn Jenner’s sexuality.  He can welcome these guys in October when they show up at training camp.  I admit though,this moment was funny…..

I’ve been saying it for years, but apparently the NFL does not read Jock Talk LA.  Football fans in LA are very apathetic toward having an NFL team move back there.  Emily Kaplan from THEMMQB.COM asked 100 locals about their desire for pro football to come back, and most didn’t really care.  That’s right, it’s been gone so long, a generation of people have grown up without it, and don’t even think they need it.  LA isn’t Cleveland, Pittsburgh, or Green Bay.  We have plenty of stuff to do here, and we sure as hell don’t need two teams.  Would we support a team? Sure.  However, if the league really wants a team here they should finance the whole thing themselves.  Frankly, LA gets to watch some of the best NFL games on TV every week.  Teams like the Chargers and Rams moving actually increase the likelihood of having more blackouts of the best games, while those two teams struggle to stay relevant.  This still isn’t as dumb of an idea as sticking a team in London or Mexico City.  Once again, the NFL has a great on the field product, but it’s run by idiots.

ESPN is losing talent.  Colin Cowherd is now leaving them to go work for Fox.  Before I get to his comments on Dominican baseball players, it should be noted that all this started with Dan Patrick departing, and finding his own success beyond the mothership years ago.  With the loss of Bill Simmons followed by Cowherd in just a few months time, ESPN is slowly losing its entertainment value.  It’s going to be providing us with people covering sports with the personality of a can of tuna.  As for Cowherd, I’ve always liked him, but sometimes he tries a little bit too hard to be too controversial with his constant discussions about socio-economics and how they are related to sports.  It was bound to get him in trouble at some point, and it did.  Colin loves to take things he doesn’t understand, like baseball, and tie them to a much bigger topic.  I really wasn’t even offended by his comments regarding Dominicans when you read everything he said.  However, he forgot how every word that comes out of a broadcasters mouth can easily be something offensive.  In my mind, that makes him guilty of stupidity.

Speaking of baseball, the Dodgers have a matter of days to make a trade to make them a real playoff threat, otherwise they might as well just flush this season.  At the moment, I’m not liking their chances of pulling off what they need to.  They already missed out on their chance to get Johnny Cueto.  Their best bet for a huge return would be to trade Yasiel Puig and Alex Guerrero, but for some reason they are still in love with Puig’s “star potential”.  Without Puig, I don’t see how they can meet the Phillies crazy asking price for Cole Hamels, or even the rental price of the Tigers’ David Price.   I’m thinking they’re to make some totally underwhelming trade for some limp dick starter or another reclamation project reliever.  Meanwhile, Howie Kendrick has been great for LA this year, but he said something pretty short-sighted things the other day regarding “armchair critics”, and how they shouldn’t be commenting on baseball because they’ve never played.  I guess Howie has never been to a restaurant and complained about the food because he isn’t a chef.  Or thought a movie was crappy because he’s never been an actor or director.  The fans complain because they actually give a damn.  Meanwhile, there’s probably a lot of MLB players that just don’t.

As for the Angels, they had a rough weekend against the Rangers, and they look to be in a serious battle for the division with the Astros.  This trade deadline is looking more and more of an arms race, especially in the wide open American League.  Although the Halos are playing better, they are screwing around with acquiring dudes like Conor Gillaspie instead of acquiring a real bat.  I guess when David Freese went down with an injury, Bill Stoneman thought what better way to replace mediocre hitting than with mediocre hitting.  The Angels injected some life into their team by calling up Andrew Heaney.  The Astros countered that with the acquisition of Scott Kazmir, and the Royals got serious about contending by adding Cueto.  The Angels need to keep up by calling the Reds for a bat like Jay Bruce.  The Halos window to win with Pujols and Trout isn’t going to be forever.  Hopefully they realize this before Pujols is reduced to a bench role while collecting his retirement paychecks.

Donald Trump is the “Sharknado” of Presidential candidates………

Speaking of Sharknado, hopefully you all watched the disaster that was “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” on SyFy last week.  Once again, this was terrible television at its best, and this pop culture phenomenon continued to dominate Twitter, resulting in 360,000 tweets.  It also resulted in some very improved ratings for SyFy, despite a slight decline in ratings from the 2nd Sharknado movie.  While some of you think the odds of a tornado forming with sharks in it is less than 1%, keep in mind that this is 2500% more likely than the Clippers, Cubs, Browns, or Jaguars winning a championship.  I like how the storm in the movie was so bad that it was actually tearing stone off of buildings.  There were also some tremendous celebrity cameo appearances in the film that were great as well.  Mark Cuban plays the President, among many others celebs.  To come to think of it, Chad Johnson was in the movie longer than his career with the New England Patriots lasted.  If you have yet to see it, I’m sure they will be re-showing it later this week, or even On Demand.  I know what you’re thinking though: if you want to watch a bunch of Sharks spin around and fall aimlessley to the ground, you’re better off watching a replay of 2014 NHL playoff highlights.  It’s worth watching though.  You’ll even find the special effects great.  For instance, we saw the Sharknado tear through a Nascar race, which didn’t even contain any Confederate flags.  There’s going to be a 4th one folks and why not? It’s July, what else could you possibly find on TV? Oh, and of course April is going to live.  They aren’t doing another one of these movies without Tara Reid and Ian Ziering.

April Sharknado


Monday Morning Coffee

D'Angelo Russell SL

July 20th, 2015

The amount of over-analysis of the Lakers summer league team is unreal.  I get it…..they have 7 players on the team that stand a pretty good chance to be on the roster come opening night.  However, most of them are 19 and 20 year old kids that are still trying to figure out how to buy beer, let alone play in the NBA.  I don’t care that they lost games.  I saw enough flashes of brilliance from D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, and others to get me excited about the future.  It’s going to take time people.  Everyone forgets that John Stockton and Steve Nash, two of the best point guards ever, had pretty unsuccessful rookie seasons before becoming stars.  They are going to make mistakes.  You might even throw your TV across the living room in frustration during the process,  but embrace it.  It’s going to be fun and when the product is finished, I think it’s going to be great.

Ok, if the Clippers weren’t “The Clippers”, I’d actually pick them to win the NBA title next season.  They managed to steal back DeAndre Jordan, they added some veteran leadership with Paul Pierce, and they solidified their bench with Josh Smith and Lance Stephenson.  They are now the most talented team in the league, but the only question is whether or not they can overcome their chemistry issues.  I realize that adding Josh Smith and Lance Stephenson to a team with chemistry issues in the first place is about as dangerous as giving Jason Pierre-Paul fireworks, but it’s a gamble that they needed to take.  Your window to win in the NBA doesn’t last forever, and Doc Rivers realizes that.

To baseball, where Zack Greinke hasn’t given up a run in a month.  He’s threatening Orel Hershiser’s 59 inning scoreless streak, and could get there with two more great starts.  This comes at a pretty interesting time considering that Greinke has an opt out at the end of the year from his massive contract, and the Dodgers will have to decide if they want to extend him again or not.  Hard not to when he’s going this good.  Speaking of pitching, Clayton Kershaw pitched the All-Star game like a playoff game against the Cardinals, however, it was nice to see him make up for it by striking out 14 batters on Saturday.  With these two studs already, the Dodgers need to acquire Johnny Cueto from the Reds to complete their pitching rotation.  More importantly, they need to acquire a hat that actually fits Cueto.  In fact, this is probably one of the best rivalries in sports: Cueto vs his hat.  Right now, his hat has serious edge…..

Cueto Hat

Those Angels are continuing to come on strong.  Mike Trout did nothing but remind us that he’s the best player in baseball with his stellar All-Star MVP honors.  Speaking of the All-Star game, I loved the fact they actually had a clock during the home run derby.  It made the event far more exciting to watch, and did a much better job pulling in the casual fan.  Baseball seems to be content with being a regional sport, however, if it’s not careful it won’t even be that.  I realize that baseball has it’s “old boys club” owners that are slow to evolve, and some fans that are traditionalists, but if the sport wants to remain relevant it needs to consider making these types of changes in the actual regular season games.  We live in a world with a lot of distractions.  Baseball is currently giving us more reasons to be distracted if they don’t continue to evolve.

Donald Trump is amazing.  He’s like a comment section of a CNN article that is running for President of the United States.  There’s nothing like avoiding capture in every single war you’ve never fought in and talking smack on people in your own party that aren’t even running against you.  While I think Trump would do unbelievable things for the U.S. economy if he were President, he’s simply not Presidential.  I can’t even imagine him wanting to grind it out in a campaign and go state to state rallying support for himself.  If nothing else, at least his campaign will be entertaining.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have less and less desire to go swimming in the ocean anymore.  Yesterday during a competition in South Africa, pro surfer Mick Fanning had to fight off a shark like he was Chuck Norris.  You guys think this only happens in South Africa and Australia? Think again…..we’ve had plenty of Great White Shark sightings from the San Diego beaches all the way up to Malibu the last few years.  It’s almost amazing that we don’t have more incidents like this because swimmers are constantly in the same area as these sharks that are coming closer to shore to feed on Stingrays.  It’s not like we are being hunted, but if you’re going for a swim in the ocean, you’ve gotta accept the risk that comes with it.  In case you haven’t seen it…..

Have they caught El Chapo yet? I heard he’s headed to Florida and enrolling at FSU….

Ok, I’ve ignored it for too long.  I have to comment on the Caitlyn Jenner showcase we had at the ESPY’s last week.  For just a second, I actually could subscribe to the idea that making this massive 45 minute speech would actually save somebody’s life and prevent a transgender from committing suicide.  Then, you’re disgusted by the fact that after all this you learn it’s simply a publicity stunt to plug her new reality TV show that will be premiering this month.  People can be whoever they want to be.  However, Jenner has had a history of this type of narcissism, and frankly, it probably is hurting the perception of transgenders in the long run.

Monday Morning Coffee

DJ Awkward

July 13th, 2015

I can’t wait for the ESPN 30 for 30 to come out on the hostage situation at DeAndre Jordan’s house this week in Houston.  DJ proved that he is a 26 year old man with the maturity level of a 3rd grader. There is nothing wrong with him changing his mind, and deciding to renege on his verbal committment to the Mavericks, and re-signing with the Clippers.  However, he didn’t even have the balls to call Mark Cuban and the Mavericks to tell them.  DJ texted Cuban on Tuesday to tell him that he was “on a date” while Cuban arrived at his home.  Turns out that date was dinner with Blake Griffin.  You’ve gotta hand it to Doc Rivers and DJ’s teammates though.  They knew how immature the guy was, and took advantage of it.  Of course they weren’t going to let him talk to Cuban again before signing the contract.  My favorite part of all this though is that the Clippers will go from a 1st round playoff exit to a 2nd round playoff exit after this charade.

The real beauty of this entire DJ story was the dialogue going on between Mark Cuban and ESPN “Insider” Chris Broussard.  Broussard is supposed to be ESPN’s star analyst, with real sources.  This guy is such a fraud, and as I’ve suspected for years, he doesn’t know jack.  In fact, he’s wrong so often that if he predicted the sun was going to come up tomorrow, I’d be concerned that the world was going to end.  Broussard was completely exposed by Cuban.  Imagine what kind of disaster this would really be if we knew he was credible?

Broussard Cuban 1

Broussard then back peddled with this on his blog:

“Regarding my Wednesday report: I should have attempted to contact Mark Cuban before reporting what my sources were telling me. I always try to carry myself with honesty and integrity both personally and professionally. I recognize that I tweeted hastily, I’m sorry for it, and I will learn from my mistake.”

Meanwhile, how funny is it that Lakers summer league games are generating the most excitement the team has seen in the last two years? I watched D’Angelo Russell for two summer league games, and I get why they picked him 2nd overall.  You can see the talent, but he’s got a lot to learn, and a long way to go before becoming the star the Lakers hope he will be.  It’s hard to be patient when Jahlil Okafor is already a 20-10 player in summer league.  Heck, the Lakers actually have 7 promising young players on their summer league roster, and if even half of them live up to their potential, LA could be on there way back to contention.

In other NBA news, Joel Embiib is likely to miss the entire 2015-2016 season with a foot injury.  In a related story, Sixer fans will also be sitting out the entire season as well.  Embiib has now made $9 million while spending the last two years in the hospital and on Twitter..  JR Smith looks like he’ll be signing a one year deal with Wendy’s, and he should have some stiff competition from Kendrick Perkins to be the starting fry cook.   OKC owner Clay Bennett is a total cheapskate and a moron. He gives the green light to his General Manager to pay Enes Kanter $17 million a year, but refused to pay that kind of money for James Harden.  Thank god we’ve reached the point in the NBA off-season where we are analyzing the banana boat ride that was taken by The King, CP3, The Flash, and Gabrielle Union.

Banana Boat

On to baseball, where we’ve reached the All-Star break with the Dodgers holding a 4.5 game lead in the NL West.  We all know however, that if this team doesn’t make a trade, when October baseball rolls around they will disappear faster than Bruce Jenner’s penis.  The front office was bold over the summer, so now they need to be even more bold to make this team a contender.  Call the Reds and trade Yasiel Puig, Alexander Guerrero, and a couple of minor league prospects for Johnny Cueto, Ardolis Chapman, and Todd Frazier.  The Boys in Blue get the pitching help they need in their rotation and the bullpen, while adding some pop at third.  The Reds on the other hand get a potential superstar with Puig, and another rising star in Guerrero to rebuild their club.  Anything short of a major move like that, and we’re likely to see another disappointing fall.  That’s a shame for a team with five all-stars playing in the mid-summer classic on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, after all their 1st half drama, the Angels are in 1st place in the AL West by .5 games.  The Halos have won 11 of their last 14 games while the Astros have lost 6 straight.  The Angels have made up 5 games in the standings in the last 11 days.   I don’t care who they have to remove from their starting rotation when Jered Weaver comes off the DL, but Andrew Heaney should be a regular the rest of the season.  The Josh Hamilton drama seems so far away now, and the departure of Jerry Dipoto is already forgotten.  Bill Stoneman should probably look to add another bat in the outfield or at 3rd base before the month is over, but the Angels look like they have a decent shot in a wide open American League.  By the way, the last time the Dodgers and Angels were both in 1st place at the All-Star break was 2009, when they both lost in the LCS.

As if the DeAndre Jordan incident wasn’t a reminder enough how dumb some professional athletes can be, we also had two NFL players blowing their fingers off with fireworks in the last week.  I don’t know about you guys, but I haven’t really had a desire to go buy fireworks since I was about 12.  I also never really thought there was much of an issue actually letting go of the firework immediately after it was lit.  Apparently none of this applied to the Giants Jason Pierre-Paul and the Bucs C.J. Wilson.  EA Sports has already updated the next version of Madden given JPP’s injury……..

JPP Madden Update

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the NFL revises the punishment it handed out to Tom Brady for “deflate-gate”.  Tom Brady currently is facing a four game suspension.  In 2014, Josh Brent received a 10 game suspension for manslaughter.  In other words, taking the air out of a football is 40% of taking a human life.  Glad we cleared that up.  Here’s a live look at the NFL trying to determine what Brady’s new punishment will be…..

Brady Punishment

Finally, the NFL is inching its way closer to LA.  However, it’s interesting that last week the Rose Bowl decided not to be a temporary venue for an NFL team that relocates to LA.  That almost guarantees the Coliseum as a temporary home, but it’s doubtful that they would come to any agreement with the Raiders, given the history between both sides.  The only other temporary stadiums that make sense would be Dodger or Angels Stadium, which are the only venues large enough to hold an NFL size crowd.  Look, I’m all for the NFL coming back to LA under the right circumstances.  Circumstances that don’t include paying any taxes on a new stadium, which is how most Southern Californians feel.  However, I don’t see why the league is slamming not one, but two teams down our throats when the market has failed them before.  We don’t need the NFL in LA as bad as the NFL does.  It’s a miscalculated view from a league that may be the most popular sport in the country, but one whose operation looks more foolish by the day.

Monday Morning Coffee

Hibbert celebration

July 6th, 2015

The Lakers are really taking this tanking thing very seriously, as they have now tanked free agency.  Roy Hibbert and Lou Williams are about all there is to celebrate.  Things haven’t been this bad since…..last summer.  You didn’t really think LaMarcus Aldridge or any other free agent was going to come play with a bunch of 19 year olds did you? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with rebuilding.  However, there is something wrong the LA’s half-ass plan the last couple of years.  The Lakers are too worried about public perception.  They’ve resisted a full commitment to developing young players, so they can convince us they are “staying competitive.”  However, they’ve also failed to open up enough cap space to convince multiple free agents to come to LA at one time the last few off-seasons.  You can blame that on the massive contract they gave Kobe.  That of course has resulted in lame free agent presentations, revolving only around marketing and not basketball.   Their plans are short-sighted.  The Lakers used to be the smartest and richest team in the NBA.  Now they look like the ignorant rich guy, whose in financial trouble, but afraid to fire the butler because people will think he’s poor.  They can start by realizing that their fans don’t need to be sold a bill of goods.  They are more sophisticated than that.  Develop the Clarkson’s, Russell’s, and Randle’s, and collect assets to make the right trades.  Once they do that, the free agents will have something desirable to come to.  The fans are smart enough to realize this.  Why can’t Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak? When they don’t, that’s where the real backlash comes from.

Then there’s the other basketball crisis in LA, the Clippers.  The Clipps are probably still hoping they can foul DJ in hopes of stoping the clock to extend negotiations with him.  Too bad he’s off to Dallas. I think DeAndre Jordan is crazy for going to a team that is not nearly as talented as the Clippers, but the fact he left tells you a lot about the culture in LA’s locker room.  These guys just didn’t enjoy playing with each other.  CP3 is a demanding player, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but Blake and DJ just weren’t coming along fast enough on an emotional or mental level.  They needed to be accountable.  Not even Doc Rivers and Steve Ballmer can change that.  Where do the Clippers go from here? Probably the same place: an early playoff exit.  Sure they are going to have a lot of cap space next summer, but so will just about every other team in the NBA, many of whom have a much stronger culture.  How soon before Blake and CP3 want out?  The more things change, the more they stay the same with the Clippers.

NBA free agency was unbelievable.  I haven’t seen much money blown since we all bought the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.  5 years and $80 million for Reggie Jackson?  5 years and $85 million for Draymon Green?  4 years and $60 million for Demarre Caroll? If your team didn’t get anybody, at least be happy they didn’t flush money down the toilet.  Everybody has spent the last week wining and dining LaMarcus Aldridge like he’s one of the Kardashian sisters.  We might as well just get straight to the Spurs-Cavs NBA Finals after he signed with San Antonio.  The Sacramento Kings practices are basically going to be a steel-cage match between Rajon Rondo, George Karl, and DeMarcus Cousins.  I like how they gave Rondo $10 million when nobody was bidding against them.  Kendrick Perkins has free agent visits lined up with Burger King, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s this week.  Poor Damian Lillard.  Now he knows how Will felt at the end of the Fresh Prince….

Will Smith and Lillard

Staples Center’s tenants are just full of drama these days.  Even the LA Kings have a potential PR problem on their hands.  They are having all kinds of salary cap issues, and they badly need another top 4 defenseman.  They couldn’t afford any that were on the free agent market.  Wouldn’t you know it, they have a very affordable top 4 defenseman under contract in Slava Voynov, but Voynov has been suspended since last fall for domestic violence.  Last week he pleaded no contest, and will serve a short jail sentence.  If Voynov can avoid deportation, the league might allow him to return.  Would the Kings take him back after what he did? They aren’t saying it, but of course they would.  What really makes the Kings look bad here is that they just terminated the contract of Mike Richards, after he was allegedly caught with oxycodone with no prescription at the Canadian Border.  If Richards was still a good player, there’s no chance his contract would be terminated.  Neither one of these guys should ever play for the Kings again, but if Voynov does, I sense the public backlash won’t be that great, simply because hockey players aren’t as high profile as NFL players or NBA players.

Meanwhile, the Ducks aren’t having quite as many salary cap issues as their Western Conference rivals, but they missed out on a great opportunity to improve their team by signing former King Justin Williams.  The Kings couldn’t afford him despite the reasonable $3.25 salary he will be receiving from the Capitals.  Williams is known as “Mr. Game 7, for his big game playoff performances”, which is exactly what the Ducks need.  They have blown 3 consecutive game 7’s at home, during the last 3 seasons  Seems like a no brainer to sign Williams.  Anaheim will still be formidable, but not only did they miss out on the chance to improve, but also stick it to the Kings.

The Dodgers have now opened up a 4 game lead in the NL West, but they are having more and more problems everyday.  They are just a .500 team since June 1st, and their offensive run production has declined steadily since the start of the season.  They’ll need to acquire not one, but two starting pitchers before the month is over if they want any chance of succeeding in the playoffs.  If those problems aren’t enough, rumors are starting to fly about how bad of a teammate Yasiel Puig is.  Some of his teammates even think that they would even be better off without him.  Most people say Puig is a top 3 or 4 talent in the game, but I for one do not believe that.  He has plenty of talent, but has shown no ability to harness that talent into consistent greatness.  Imagine the type of return the Dodgers could get if they put him on the trade block? It’s definitely something the Boys in Blue will need to consider if they are serious about making this team a World Series Champion.

What a week it was for the Angels.  The relationship between Mike Scioscia and Jerry Dipoto finally reached a breaking point.  Dipoto has obviously watched the movie Moneyball too many times, and tried to impose his statistical analytics on not just the coaches, but directly on the players.  Scioscia and the players did not take kindly to this, and ultimately, Arte Moreno took Scioscia’s side.  That resulted in Dipoto’s departure, since he could no longer exert the influence he desired.  Scioscia is still a very good manager, but Moreno and the general managers he has hired the last few years have gotten away from the type of players that makes his style of managing successful.  Then again, I’m not sure what general manager would want to take the Halos job knowing the Scioscia is more powerful than him.  Bill Stoneman is a temporary solution at best, because the game has likely passed him by, 8 years after being a GM.  Once again, Arte Moreno has created a mess, and is leaving more and more of a disastrous legacy as an owner.

Congratulations to the USWNT on their World Cup victory yesterday against Japan.  What a perfect weekend for this to happen, being that it was the 4th of July.  Nice to see us getting some revenge for Pearl Harbor.  If the Houston Rockets played soccer, they would be Japan.  By the time you finish reading this Carli Lloyd might have scored again.  Americans now have exactly 24 hours to celebrate  before they are legally required to stop caring about soccer.  It’s amazing what people will wear to get on TV…

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m very excited to see what’s in store for Shark Week on The Discovery Channel this year.  The last few years though, some of the programs have been ridiculous.  Some based entirely on fiction and fearmongering.  Look, I want to be entertained, and I appreciate having the balance between science and entertainment.  However, if I wanted to hear a bunch of mythical stories about monstrous sharks, I’d just flip to the SyFy channel, or just wait for Shaknado to come on again at the end of the month.  So far, I like what I’m seeing, but we’ll see what else Discovery has planned for us this week.